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I took a class a few months ago and the teacher asked us to write down 100 words to describe ourselves.  I thought that was ridiculous.  I’d never be able to come up with 100 words that would tell a casual observer about the “inner me”.  Well, I was wrong.  It wasn’t hard at all.  For example, one of your words might be “chocolate” or “pink” or “New York”.  You get my drift.

One of my “like” words was Russell Crowe.  (Remember, one of the key words in Women Unplugged is “men”.)  Several years back, a friend of mine told me I should watch the movie “Gladiator”.  The film had won an Academy Award for best picture, and some guy named Russell Crowe had won an Oscar for Best Actor.  To put it simply, I wasn’t prepared.  When RC came onto the screen wearing what looked like an ancient version of a man’s skirt, my mouth dropped open.  I thought, Who the Sam Hill is that?  Could anyone other than RC put on a heavy silver armor dress with chain mail head gear and look sexy as hell?  I think not.

It was obvious (at least to me and to the Academy) why this guy won a Best Actor award.  He did a fantastic job portraying a slave forced to fight other gladiators, condemned criminals, and wild animals in front of a barbaric (to say the least) audience.  Gladiators were celebrated for their value as entertainers and commemorated throughout the Roman world.

I was certainly entertained.

Who’s your favorite actor?

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