I took a class a few months ago and the teacher asked us to write down 100 words to describe ourselves.  I thought that was ridiculous.  I’d never be able to come up with 100 words that would tell a casual observer about the “inner me”.  Well, I was wrong.  It wasn’t hard at all.  For example, one of your words might be “chocolate” or “pink” or “New York”.  You get my drift.

One of my “like” words was Russell Crowe.  (Remember, one of the key words in Women Unplugged is “men”.)  Several years back, a friend of mine told me I should watch the movie “Gladiator”.  The film had won an Academy Award for best picture, and some guy named Russell Crowe had won an Oscar for Best Actor.  To put it simply, I wasn’t prepared.  When RC came onto the screen wearing what looked like an ancient version of a man’s skirt, my mouth dropped open.  I thought, Who the Sam Hill is that?  Could anyone other than RC put on a heavy silver armor dress with chain mail head gear and look sexy as hell?  I think not.

It was obvious (at least to me and to the Academy) why this guy won a Best Actor award.  He did a fantastic job portraying a slave forced to fight other gladiators, condemned criminals, and wild animals in front of a barbaric (to say the least) audience.  Gladiators were celebrated for their value as entertainers and commemorated throughout the Roman world.

I was certainly entertained.

Who’s your favorite actor?

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  1. When I saw the movie Troy, I had the same reaction to Brad Pitt. Until that movie, I wasn’t a fan, but now I need to make sure I have a kleenex handy to wipe up the drool.

    Brad may not be my favorite actor but I sure do like watching him. 🙂

  2. Oh, man, do I know what you’re talkin’ about! To me, in my humble opinion, Brad Pitt is a man that no one could NOT call the epitome of handsome. He hasn’t a single flaw in his facial or body looks. Hands down. I can see how someone might not like RC because he isn’t that “perfect” like Brad is. Every single time I watch Meet Joe Black I want to cry over how beautiful Brad Pitt is. Sorry, but it’s true!

    • Joe Black is actually the first movie where I “liked” Brad … and not just for his good looks. I just loved the movie. But I do love Russell Crowe, too. My fav RC movie was actually one where he played an overweight dude. The movie was about exposing the cigarette companies, I think, and his acting was really intense.

  3. Sheila, you might mean L.A. Confidential? I’m not sure. But he had to gain a lot of weight for that one and was excellent. I’ve been a follower since Gladiator and NO ONE can take his place for me. I have a beautiful poster on the wall across from where I write from American Gangster with RC and Denzel Washington – my other “main man”.

  4. My favorite actor (at this moment) is Gary Sinise. Love his Texas twang.

  5. I love the hunks of Holly-Wooooood … I started with Paul Newman when I was a kid and I can work up a sweat from RC to a gaggle of them in the remake of Oceans Eleven.

    Thanks for the images of more sexy men 🙂

  6. I still think Sean Connery is the sexiest man EVER.

    But as far as just plain hot? Hands down…Alex O’Loughlin. In fact I’m going to do a guest spot soon at my friend Roni Loren’s “Boyfriend of the Week” blog about him.

    I fell in love with him on “Moonlight” and now he is the new Steve McGarritt on the new Hawaii Five O.

    Oy my goodness.. If I could link a pic here…because I have one of course…I would…maybe I’ll send to yall on email. 🙂

  7. I have NO idea who Alex O’Loughlin is so I guess I better Google him and take a look. I’ll be right back…

  8. Okay, I’m back and YES he is a hunk. We won’t get into a virtual fighting match with Sheila about who’s hunkier – RC,BP, or AO, but in my opinion…..
    RC hands down….just saying

  9. Russell Crowe!!!! He is gorgeous in Gladiator but his talents blow him off the screen with his other works as well. The Insider, LA Confidential, A Beautiful Mind…love him.

  10. Dude, I am surrounded by RC pics and such. I admire him and love that he’s not the typical Hollywood-ite. Makes him all the more intriguing.
    Which is actually what I like about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

  11. I’m a huge Vince Vaughn fan and I can’t help but drool over Bradley Cooper. Yummy! I’m liking your Alex, Sharla, even though I don’t really know who he is.

  12. I just looked up Bradley Cooper – ooooooooooohhhhhh. Isn’t he from the Hangover? Never mind, my son just verified that factoid. I love him as well; but I have to say that Vince Vaughan is more of a fave for me than Bradley. I just love his weirdo sense of humor.

  13. I have yet to make it thru LA Confidential, but RC did a movie with Meg Ryan where his hotness scale hit 15.

  14. RC elevated the hotness scale to 15 when he did that movie with meg Ryan called Proof Of Life.

  15. Hey, Sheila! I loved Proof of Life and the ending made me want to cry.

  16. Living or dead? Because I adore Cary Grant (the young version, of course). As for living, Harrison Ford is an excellent actor and a rather handsome man, and for some reason I always enjoy John Cusack in a film. Unfortunately, most of the guys considered sexy these days make me think “nice-looking kid.”

  17. I know what you mean about Cary Grant and no, I didn’t specify living or dead – doesn’t matter if he’s your favorite. I think John Cusack is so funny. I loved him in that movie with Nicolas Cage where he’s the cop/detective. He just makes me laugh.

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