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Tech-savvy or challenged?


Most decidedly the latter.

I recently made the decision to do my own official website, thinking I’d be all financially smart and save that money.  I’d tried it on a couple of places, WordPress and Squarespace, and quickly ran away in terror, making an appointment with a professional web designer.  But then the more I looked at the fancy sites around, the more I felt like that would be overkill.  I’m not a fancy person.  I didn’t want boring, but I surely didn’t need to pay 1K+ for what I need.   After all, everything written out there about author websites says that a functional and attractive web presence is all you need.  Don’t get crazy with the design.


And once we did this blog here, I learned much more about WordPress.  The other ladies can attest to my lack of WordPress-y skills in the beginning, but since then I’ve played in it enough to think I know what I’m doing.

You know what they say about that.  Knowing just enough to be dangerous?  Yeah. 

What I forgot was the reason I’d originally decided NOT to be in charge of this undertaking.  TIME.  Time I need to be writing, which is my strength.  Instead of designing a website, which is–humorous. 

So there I went… got my domain name. Yay!  Picked a theme.  Yay!  No—wait—that one doesn’t allow a front static page.  That won’t work.  Picked another one.  Yay!  Spent four hours on Google looking for pictures for my header.  Then when I uploaded what had to be the perfect one of a lake and trees and a sunset…nope, only could pick this microscopic portion of it.  Like a twig of the tree.  And the title looked like a ten year old did it in Word.  Okay…new plan.  Wanted my title in the picture, so figured out I could save the tiny piece it allowed, go into Paint, add my title in there in a better font, save…and then upload THAT to my header.  Score!

Sent to my WF buddies and to all my friends on Facebook and Twitter, and to my editor, all proud of the site I spent three days working on.  Editor’s response?  Enhh. 

She didn’t like my “twist of paranormal” idea, said I was boxing myself in, and needed to put all the stores my book is available in, sooooo… back to the drawing board.  Two days, custom font purchases, and 26 different theme ideas later…because each one presented its own unique problem, I was done.

Except for one thing.  My site had two HOME page buttons suddenly.  What???  Spent another entire day (at work…I mean, come on, priorities, yanno?) trying to figure that one out.  There weren’t two home pages in my Pages file.  Ended up going to a forum on that theme and whining till some tech-savvy savior bailed me out.  Still have no idea why what he said worked…and don’t care.  It worked.  I’m in business.  My blog is still “over there” on that other place, that will come eventually.  But for now…deep sigh…it’s done.  For $45 a year.  I can handle that.  🙂   

Now to get back to what I do better…. because knowing every single theme in WordPress by heart is not my idea of fun.

So feel free to go visit (www.sharlalovelace.com) …and if it looks like ka-ka…  lie to me.  LOL!

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