My Office…

Or “The Room Formerly Known as Amanda’s”

I always said I’d never have an office.  Namely because our house is small and all the rooms were occupied.  I’ve never had one, and probably wouldn’t know what to do with a real one.

I have one at work, but I’m not talking about that kind of office.  I’m talking about a writer’s office.  An author’s office. 

  (yeah that’s not mine…)

 Ever since I started seriously writing, ten years ago, I’ve written in chairs, beds, on the floor, in the car, and most recently in my living room recliner.  I had little tables set up on the side of the recliner, and it actually worked pretty well.  Except for that pesky front door business.  And the high traffic access.  And the fact that I couldn’t tack anything anywhere, all my notes had to be contained in a little basket, which for me is out of sight out of mind. 

And I wanted a whiteboard.  So bad I almost couldn’t stand it.

Now, I’m not the type of writer that can have a nice office with a window and pretty stuff.  I’ll spend too much time looking at the pretty stuff.  I can’t even sit in the backyard…I get too invested in the birds and squirrels.  I need barebones.

So I got to thinking about the room my daughter vacated to move into the bigger room my son vacated when he moved out.  It’s tiny, it’s boring, and we had it full of “stuff”.  Yanno…it’s THAT room.  The one where you hide everything that doesn’t have a place, and shut the door.

I spent an evening staring at it, moving some of the “stuff” around.  I cleared off the little twin bed along the back wall, arranged some small bookshelves that were in there, brought in one of my little tables to put next to it.  And had a brainstorm.  Went to Office Depot.

Bought a whiteboard!!  *squee!!*

Put the whiteboard at the foot of the little twin bed.  So as I’m sitting at the head, I’m looking at my board with all its notes and wondrous information.  My laptop can stay up.  The copy of my cover is tacked on the wall.  Little notes are taped to the bookshelf next to me.  Various writing “things” on the shelves. 

It’s not neat and pretty.  In fact, looking at this photo I’m like wondering if I should even post it to give you this visual…but it’s comfortable so it’s me.  I’m tucked away behind the “stuff”.  I’ve never written at a desk.  So I’m still on a bed, still kind of rigged together.  But it’s the barebones I need because shiny objects come in easy form to me.  But voila!!  An office…I have one.  And it has a door.

And a whiteboard!

(did I mention that?)

Writers…where do you write?  Where do you read?  What’s a special space you’ve created for yourself?

About Sharla Lovelace

Writer of romantic women's fiction. Wife, mom, and wonderwoman...without the boobs. National Bestselling Author of THE REASON IS YOU, BEFORE AND EVER SINCE, and the e-novella JUST ONE DAY. Lover of anything red.

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  1. Sharla, even your photo makes me nervous — I’m way too anal for a writing space like that! I’m rehabbing from my housefrau younger self, but it still has to be neat (and lately, dust has been noted on my computer screen. The horrors!)

    The one non-neat part is my 1/5 x 2 bulletin board. I have all my writing related memories – photos of me and my crit group, PBR finals tickets, printouts of what I think my latest characters look like (a young Stringsteen and a Nordic model.)

    Okay, and some drawings from my grandkids.

    Great post!

  2. Sharla! I love your office. I didn’t have one until we remodeled and I got a funny room downstairs. I have my magazines covers on the wall, desk with desktop and lamp, lots of papers everywhere and five bookshelves. And my love–my cat–Scootsie watching.

    Happy writing.

  3. I have an office. Of course, where do I write? Anywhere, BUT my office. I keep all my writing paraphernalia there–including my secret stash of M&M’s. Lately, however, I’ve been writing on the run. Which really means I don’t get the quantity and quality of writing done that I would like. When I’m writing articles for magazines and on-line sites, I use the computer in my kitchen. Not sure why, but the stress of having to get it completed before the next meal spurs me on. When I’m working on edits, still the kitchen. But, the first draft of each of my novels has been crafted in the office in my basement. That’s were the M&M’s are. A necessary evil to getting those initial words on paper. 🙂

  4. LOL I knew my crazy office space was likely to freak at least one person out! I’m just glad to have something, doesn’t matter if I’m behind two old TV’s and several boxes of things that need to go to GoodWill. 🙂

  5. I’m one of those writers who has to have a lot of open space and a window to look out of, preferably at trees and the sky, which is what I see every day. I have what we all call my “area” and it’s mine, no one else can sit there unless I’m not around, and I have a tiny table next to my space on the couch with my laptop and paperwork on top of it. It’s comfortable and I can concentrate because the kids usually are in school and I’m alone – except for my two dogs, of course, who actually ARE allowed to sit next to me while I work.

  6. Daughter just moved to colelge apt. so I get the spare bedroom back (she had been using it as an office/living space along with her bedroom). It needs cleaning out, but it’s MINE. I have a bookshelf, sofa (which a friend didn’t want but now wants back alas), my laptop “pillow” and “desk” from Walgreens, a desk I almost never sit at and a filing cabinet. Going to add a whiteboard! And maybe a bulletin board, too. Excited!

  7. Good grief, it seems our writing spaces are as varied as our writing. Love that picture, Sharla 🙂

    I remember those days when I did it all in the living room, but can still not a separate writing space. When I “retired” to write full time,I put the writing space in my bedroom.

    My Virgo is with Laura. Can’t stand clutter and in fact when my “corner” writing space gets too busy, I actually can’t concentrate. Can’t function without a full size PC and a desk, small board to tack calendar and notes. My Libra has been known to look out windows daydreaming as children and traffic pass by. So to keep those two from driving me mad, I write in the corner of the bedroom, keep my little space neater than the rest of my apartment and happily pound on a full sized keyboard. However do you get your fingers to function on a laptop?

  8. Sharla,
    Thanks for giving us a peek inside your writer life. And I LOVE your new author picture!

    I moved to a real basement office last year complete with desk, couch and love seat (we have way too much furniture for our house).

    I used to write in the mudroom of our house by the laundry room and the side door where kids came in and out and in and out and in and out fifty thousand times a day. I was freaked out about moving so far away from the action (how was I going to know who was in the house and what they were doing?) but now I love the peace and quiet of my own cluttered space.

    Thanks for making me appreciate my environment!

  9. Sharla, I love to see pictures of other writers’ offices. In fact, Paige Cucarro has posted a bunch of pictures of author offices … her own, of course, and Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jennifer Crusie and Eloisa James, just to name a few. If anyone has time to check them out, here’s the link. It’s pretty cool.


    My office is in a spare room in the house. I need quiet to write — so no radio and no talking allowed — but my husband has his desk set up on the other side of the room. Needless to say, when he’s home using it, my creative output is pretty low. 🙂

    I have a corkboard filled with papers I never look at and my husband turned the closet into a bookshelf. I work at a desk on a tiny netbook, do all my plotting in a scribbler using colored sticky notes, and litter my desk with papers I “might” use. Like Florence, I’m a Virgo, yet did not inherit the Virgo tidyness, a fact bemoaned by my super-tidy husband.

    I love your new picture, Sharla, and love hearing about everyone’s office space.

  10. Eeeek! Betting any of their offices do NOT look like mine. LOL! But if I would have taken a picture of the recliner where I used to be writing, you’d all have come and staged an intervention. :))

    Thanks for the comments on my author pic. I was really pleased on how they came out for the book jacket. I have all three on my website if you haven’t seen them. Of course I also got to watch her photoshop them and take the wrinkles and freckles out…I need that everyday!!

  11. Although I just went there…and I have to say Jennifer Crusie’s office makes me feel a little better about mine! LOL

  12. I agree, Sharla. Scary!!!

  13. I went to that site, too. I haven’t looked at all of them, but so far I want Lisa Kleypas’ office! Heaven.

  14. Great, now I have office envy.

  15. I think of some of those beautiful offices as something I can aspire to. LOL!

  16. WOW — is that fun or what? I’m afraid if I put a bed in my office I’d use it! And not for writing…

  17. I was wandering around the grocery store today and they have all sorts of back to school things out (which I love) and I found these cool cork board squares that you can stick on the wall. They came four to a pack and I plan on hanging my writing friends’ postcards, booksmarks, etc., as well as the pix of my characters! Only a writer would get so geeked about something like that!

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