Red Rover…Red Rover…

OMG it’s my turn!!!  

LOL, so sorry I’m late to the party…I lost track of days and time and life and I just realized it’s Wednesday and my day! 

Because I’m clearly having a Monday all over again, I’m going to keep it short and sweet and provide a thinking exercise. 

See this picture?

Now, this is taken with my phone and doesn’t do it justice.  But I bought this print at Walmart last year…because when I walked past it, I couldn’t quit looking at it.   It is so serene and beautifully painted in sepia tones.   That main tree instantly brings me to being a kid and what a great climbing tree that would be.  LOL! 

What does it make you think of? 

Go for a stroll?  Sit with a book?

And don’t be afraid to go outside the box…if it makes you want to play Red Rover or stand on your head or drink KoolAid, feel free to share that too!



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  1. I have a picture that I bought at Ikea in sepia tones that is a long empty dirt road with trees lining both sides, kind of like a tunnel. Your picture brings to mind the same feelings – peace and tranquility. It makes me want to stop and just sit and hear the birds or bees or watch the butterflies – no talking.

  2. I saw this picture and thought, gee, I’d like to see this. Having no clue it is a print. Wow.

  3. The scene reminds of the cherry trees surrounding the tidal basin in Washington, DC. I miss the days I could ditch my office at lunch time and stroll along, just daydreaming. It was always rejuvenating for both my body and my mind. Thanks for the flashback! 🙂

  4. This picture makes me think of a golf course. They always have the most beautiful trees and it would be very inappropriate to climb a tree on a golf course–which is what I usually want to do.

  5. I love this picture. It reminds me of peace and tranquility and the hush of an early morning fog. It also reminds me of the elegance of days gone by, probably because I associate these trees with the plantation houses in the deep South (which I’ve only seen in movies).

    I have a beautfiul picture that I bought for my office because it offered me the same sense of peace and tranquility and hush of an early morning fog. It, too, is a picture of trees although the trees in my picture are very different your picture, Sharla.

    So now I wonder, what does this say about our relationship to trees? 🙂

    • Good point! I have a big affinity with trees…love ’em. There is something majestic and strong about them. I am in the south and we do have some beautiful trees. These in this picture remind me of Louisiana trees…the cool wet misty air that would be there in the fall.

  6. It makes me want to walk–for a long time! Climbing poses the possibility I could fall out. (Many tree climbing memories from my tomboy youth.) Swinging is no form of exercise and as I get older, I do need it but walking?

    I LOVE to walk. Especially in beautiful locations.

  7. Looks like paradise.

  8. Thanks for this, Sharla! The landscape and climate would be wrong, but I instantly thought of a day a long time ago. We went to the mountains up-state NY and for an entire afternoon I got lost. Beyond those trees is a mountain stream, the sounds of the water skipping over the rocks like babies laughing, the air smells like fall when the men go hunting. In the stream there is a father and son in long rubber pants, casting for trout.

    Of course, I am a crazy person and my other thought was that behind that big tree in the background a homicidal maniac is waiting to pounce on my bones 🙂

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