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Phenomenal Phriday Phood

Living in California, we are lucky to have an enormous Mexican influence on the culture of all those living within this huge state.  One very obvious way the Mexican culture has impacted us is in the form of the food we eat.

I grew up going to the Acapulco Restaurant in Alameda and one of the staples of my vegetarian diet is the quesadilla.  It can be a great source of protein for those of us who don’t eat meat and I’d like to share with a way to integrate this wonderfully versatile staple into your diet.

First you buy tortillas (corn or flour) at your local supermarket.

Then you shred your favorite cheese on top (I use either Monterey Jack or Sharp Cheddar.  My husband uses Jalapeno Jack.)

Then you take a can of kidney beans or garbanzo beans or actually anything you want (I’ve used Spanish rice or edamame or even popcorn) and sprinkle that over the top of the cheese.

You can either fold it over or leave it open-faced (which would constitute a tostada) and put it in the frying pan.  (I don’t fry mine but rather heat it up slowly until the cheese melts).

EAT!  Combining the cheese with the beans and/or rice forms a complete protein and the variations are endless.


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