Facebook or Twitter – What’s Your Favorite?

CNN announced on October 4th that ex-Facebook president Sean Parker has broken down.         And tweeted!

“Sorry, Zuck, I had to do it eventually,” Parker wrote last Monday on his newly minted Twitter account.

This apology to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is, so far, Sean Parker’s only post.  But by Tuesday morning he’d already racked up nearly 24,000 followers.          On the Rival Networking Site!!!

Sean Parker was at the helm of Facebook in its early days and is best known because of the movie “The Social Network” where he’s portrayed by Justin Timberlake.  By the way, Parker has called the movie pure fiction, saying that he was portrayed inaccurately.

Sean Parker’s Twitter debut comes right at a time when it appears he’s about to launch his latest e-venture —  a video service called Airtime.

Maybe Parker doesn’t owe Zuckerberg an apology yet.  Parker’s Facebook page has more than 38,000 “likes” – outpacing his Twitter feed.

So, which is your favorite social media site – Facebook or Twitter?


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  1. I don’t love either of them so to classify either as a favorite would be a stretch. Each serves a purpose and for my purposes I prefer Facebook because I am able to keep up with people I care about and the messages aren’t so jumbled. That being said, I know I’m not using Twitter to it’s fullest and most manageable capacity, so I’m not the best judge!

  2. Love’em both. Facebook for personal reasons, and recently I finally figured out how to make my author page work for me so that’s better. I have my Twitter acct solely set up for the writing industry, with only writer follows. So I love it for interacting with other writers and learning the buzz of what’s going on. I follow many pub houses and agents, and actually a very productive #askagent session conversation is what snagged me my agent. Also, writers are readers, so the thought of 900+ people seeing my book release is a positive one. But I’m a firm believer in mixing up your tweets. Don’t be stagnant. Don’t be all business. Make yourself interesting. I love Twitter!!

    • Hey Sharla! I have in my TBR pile the book WANA by Kristen Lamb and am determined to teach myself to use Twitter. I just haven’t read it yet. I understand its usefulness and will probably end up with a different opinion one of these days soon. I know you can reach a LOT of people through Twitter and I am ignorant of the useful hashtags, if you will. I’ll have to try the #askagent. Thank you for that.

  3. Hi Christy! I hear ya’ about not loving either of them, but in the last few weeks I “friended” other authors when I saw a message on the side of my wall about doing that. I have (surprisingly enough) met some very nice writers and read new blogs and I never thought I’d say it (aack!) but I’m enjoying FB now!!!! I don’t like Twitter, though I’ve been on it a gazillion times. I just don’t “get it” and sign off within moments.

  4. Patti, you just hit a vital nerve in my “quest” to be socially-network-correct. Facebook is something I keep so I can read about my kids, grandkids and all the kids they grew up with. I spy their photo albums, steal hundreds of my daughter’s photographs and enjoy the banter. I also recently added some writers. Twitter is still a mud hole I will slog through with knee-high boots.

    Love the blogs and the connection they bring me to my writerly-world. ABout the other two and goodness knows the more to follow, I am on the sidelines where an old gal belongs during playoffs 🙂

    • Yes, I can relate to the “mud hole” slogging with knee-high boots! I am blaming myself for that right now because I don’t know how to use Twitter yet. That’s why I’m going to read Kristen’s book and make up my mind after that, I guess. I do enjoy the blogs and find it more of a “connection” than Twitter, but then again….

  5. Facebook and Twitter are great ways to keep in contact with a variety of people. I love Facebook for keeping contact with family and friends. And I love Twitter for the volume of topics and lists. So I don’t have a personal preference and use them both equally.

    • I guess, Sheila, that’s the great thing about social media – the fact that each of them has their special traits that endear us for our own particular reasons. I hear a lot about how people like Twitter for business and lists and such and FB for more familial and friend things. That’s why I was so happy to connect with authors on FB and found information and reposts of blogs and I have been spending so much more time over there.

  6. Hi Patti,

    I love both but have to work at keeping them from turning into timesinks–make that time-whirlpools. I limit myself to 3-4 hours of social media per week, including writing and posting my picoblog (smaller than a microblog). Twitter and facebook both help to get the word out quickly, and they’re both great for meeting new friends.

    Cheers, Ashley

    • Hi Ashley! I completely understand what you’re saying about timesinks and whirlpools! I look at the clock and think, geez louise, have I been doing this for THAT long? I really have to watch out that I don’t spend an inordinate amount of time doing social media.

  7. I agree with Ashley: social media can be a time sink. That being said, it is apparently the way of the future–ugh. I use FB sparingly, but I love that I can talk realtime with my nephew in Afghanistan. I have not tweeted nor have I been on Twitter. I still can’t figure out what all the fuss is about. Who really cares what I am doing every minute of the day? Who really cares what Ashton Kutcher is doing every minute of the day–beside Demi, of course. Florence, I’m getting my waders out, I just haven’t decided whether or not to put them on. 🙂 For now, I’m concentrating on writing (or revising) the book.

    • I have to say, Tracy, that every single time I go on Twitter I see people saying the dorkiest things about what they ate for breakfast or that they’re taking a break and going to the store or some such crap. I don’t get it either. That’s why I think I’ll follow one of Sharla’s suggested hashtags and see how I like that.

  8. From my Facebook fans to my peeps on Twitter, I’m having a ball with both! No expert on either but definitely getting by and getting out there! Big THANKS to the creators. 🙂

  9. I resisted Twitter for a long time. But it’s my definite favorite. I heard someone somewhere say, “Facebook is for lying to your friends and Twitter is for telling the truth to strangers.”
    Love it!

    • Hi Elena! All I can say is, I love it that there are several social media sites so that we can pick and choose, you know? I’ve found recently that I don’t connect with my friends on FB as much as with other authors who I have friended through FB’s suggestions on “do you want to friend this person?” I am finding new blogs to read and books to read and I’m enjoying that. I still don’t “get” Twitter, but I’m willing to try…

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