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We are a big TV family in my house. We have five TV’s. Six, if you count the one my husband turned into a giant computer monitor, but we also use it as a TV sometimes when we need to record something off the internet. Yanno…when the DVR already has two things going and you can’t add a third. And eight if you count the two in the extra bedroom/my office, that have been sent to “unloved television storage”

Yeah. We probably have issues.

DVR, in my opinion, is the greatest thing ever created, because it feeds our addiction. The new TV show season is a grand event that requires hours of looking up season premiere dates and making a long list so that we can be sure to set up recording times.

Now, in somewhat of a defense, at least for me, it’s research.

Uh huh. Really. By that, I mean to say, I’m a visual person. My stories can’t just come from words on a page. I have to see them like a movie. I say “cut” and they try again. I have to see the body language, the facial expressions, all that.

So when I watch a show, I’m constantly watching that. I’m studying body language, miniscule expressions, an eye narrowing or look that can convey a message in seconds but will take a whole paragraph to describe in words.

Some of my favorite shows, in no other order than how they fall out of my brain…

Haven (and this is first because I’m so in love with it)
Unforgettable (new find…and loving it)
Person of Interest (another new find)
Hawaii Five O (because Alex O’Loughlin is the hottest man on earth)
Castle (because it’s CASTLE!!!)
Sons of Anarchy (love the dark side of people)
Vampire Diaries (love the misunderstood bad vampire!)
Being Human (don’t know if coming back, but loved it)
Fringe (this one’s wearing thin, but I’m still watching)
Nikita (because I love that she always gets away and always wins)
Warehouse 13 (because it’s weird and funny and I want to work there)
Necessary Roughness (love the main character, she’s awesome)
Rizzoli and Isles (love these opposite character partners so much)
Hell’s Kitchen (when it’s in season) (love Gordon Ramsey)
Eureka (another weird one that’s just funny)

I’m sure there are more, but I’m going off memory and picturing my DVR recorded list. Hubby also likes Falling Skies, Terra Nova, American Chopper, and a few others that are okay but I won’t crumble if I miss them.

What are your favorites? And if you don’t do TV….explain that to me. Because I’m not sure I know that language! LOL πŸ™‚


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  1. I agree with you Sharla, the DVR is the greatest invention. I love it because we can watch an hour long show in 38 minutes. Quite the time saver for our busy family. Hawaii Five-O is on series record–duh! I also record The Good Wife and the Mentalist. We’re a big fan of NCIS, too.

    • My daughter is a big NCIS fan…but she has her own DVR (I know…). I’m looking forward to Whole-House DVR that’s coming out…although we may not be able to afford it. LOL

  2. I LOVE my DVR and I don’t feel guilty about that! As Tracy said, it’s nice to be able to cut out all the commercials and watch a show in 38 minutes. I’m with your hubby – I like Terra Nova – and, like you, I love Fringe though I lost track of it months ago and haven’t seen an episode in awhile. I am a movie freak, so I like that I can record a movie that I’m not going to watch at midnight when it’s showing. That’s cool. I loved “Lost” when it was on even though I didn’t know what was going on more than half the time. I will admit to being an American Idol freak.

  3. Okay, this is a good intro to the post I wrote for Monday that I hope will post when I’m out of town. I’m not a big TV watcher (I grew up addicted to TV so this has been an interesting turn of events for me) so all I can say is that I don’t take the time to watch anything other than news. I’m a bit of a news junkie. I started turning it on for white noise when the house was quiet and somewhere along the way I became obsessed. I look at your list and wonder where you find the time to watch all those shows! I do agree that TV and movies helps your writing.

    • LOL, we usually turn on the TV around 8:30 and watch till 10:30. With the DVR, we can get about three shows in. On weekends, more. It’s kind of our family time, I guess. No one eats together anymore, because schedules are all over the place, so that’s when we stop and reconnect. Sometimes it’s just me and my hubby, when my daughter is busy, but I love when she curls up with us and wants me to braid her hair or something while we watch. I write after work, from around 4:00 to 6:00, then deal with supper / taxi’ing / laundry / whatever the issue of the day is. Till TV time. Sometimes I get fast food and write till TV time! LOL.

  4. I usually read in the evening while my husband watches the history and discovery channels but every once in a while, a program will catch my attention. Have-to-watch shows are Ice Road Truckers and Supernatural. Otherwise, we’re both drawn to half-hour comedies so will catch reruns of Mash, Friends, Two and a Half Men or How I Met Your Mother. There’s a new half hour comedy that I discovered and am enjoying called something like 2 Broke Girls. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I miss out on reading, and I hate that. I have so much on my Nook waiting to be read, and I never seem to get there unless I’m off somewhere like in a Drs office waiting or something. Love Two and a Half Men, but haven’t seen the new ones with Ashton Kutcher yet. I used to LOVE Reba. Love love loved that show so much.

  5. The DVR is awesome. Before its invention, we had all but quit watching TV. The shows we wanted to watch came on at times we were busy with Other Stuffβ„’.

    What I like on TV:

    Sons of Anarchy (we love cheering for bad guys)
    Boardwalk Empire
    Vampire Diaries
    Secret Circle (this really has promise)
    Hung (hysterical)
    Pawn Stars (educational)

    • Hi Catie and welcome!

      I’ve heard of Secret Circle but haven’t tried it yet…thinking I might need to. Pawn Stars is cool, I’ve seen that a few times. And I did love Hung, but didn’t know it came back? I’ll have to go looking.

  6. I watch the news and a few shows — my NEW favorite being Revenge. Why I’m interested in a woman’s murdering ways beats the heck out of me, but I find it appealing!

    The family watches Cake Boss, Chopped, Dancing with the Stars, football and some military history shows…

    Bet you can tell who’s who in the crowd!

  7. Before the DVR I concentrated on movie channels, PNS and rented movies. Even the shows I loved, I would avoid because of commercials. Since DVR there isn’t a single show I watch in its “real” time. Movies and television are great research, good for pacing, dialogue and plotting. Also, an audio-visual person, I can’t imagine writing any other way. I think of my fingers as nothing more than an extension of my inner eye. So many of my favs have been mentioned already. When the new season comes I record as many as I can, watch two or three episodes and if I don’t like it then I let it go. I watched exactly eight minutes of the new Charlie’s Angels. NOT. I gave the new Two and a Half Men three weeks. Where the heck is Charlie and why don’t they do a soap thing and bring him back? My passion for decades has been Mysteries on PBS, from all the classics to Prime Suspect with Helen Miren and all things between. Love black and white retro and think Ted Turner is a saint for saving so many of them for us πŸ™‚

    To wrap up any night with a pink and white ribbon we can “Do it Jersey style!” with Buddy. My daughter went with her husband. The line extends around the block. Thanks Sharla, you hit on something so many of us love πŸ™‚

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