Why I’m PC No More–And I Don’t Mean Computers!

Happy Halloween!

As we prepare for this evening’s festivities, be it helping our kids dress in costume, donning our own costumes for ghoulish fun, or just passing out candy to others, I wanted to share a quick story. My daughter and I recently spent the weekend in New York City with some other moms and daughters. It was a whirlwind three days filled with sightseeing, a show, and even a limo ride. I feel confident the girls and their moms will never forget our time together.

One of the most memorable details about the trip is probably the most politically incorrect. While waiting for a table at Serendipity 3 (a staggering two hours), our ragtag group walked to Dylan’s Candy Bar and let the girls look around. Over an hour later after visiting three floors of candy, we walked back to check on our table (still not ready). One of the adults had purchased one of my favorite candies for the girls and passed them out on the walk back. I’d seen them at the store, remembered the hours of fun my sister and I had had with them when I was little, and still didn’t buy them.

Luckily, our friend didn’t have my ‘does this send the right message’ concerns and bought a pack of candy cigarettes for each of the girls. Over the course of the next two days, we laughed and snapped pictures and had more fun with those candy cigarettes than I ever dreamed possible. No, they’re not gum anymore and they don’t puff out sugar, but they’re made with chocolate and look very real (just ask our husbands who received an alarming number of picture texts featuring their eleven-year old daughters smoking).

Did “smoking” candy cigarettes teach our daughters to smoke? No, from the moment they cracked open their boxes they knew just what to do. Will they seek out real cigarettes because they remind them of the fun we had in NYC? Probably not, because real cigarettes taste nothing like chocolate (thank heavens). But we sure had fun pretending.

I learned an important lesson that day, a lesson that is celebrated each and every year on Halloween. No matter how politically incorrect—fun, imagination and candy cigarettes will never go out of style. Be safe!


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  1. I miss the gum cigarettes with the powdered sugar. I “smoked” many of them in my day, but didn’t become a smoker. 🙂

  2. That powdered sugar puff was awesome! I can’t tell you how much fun the girls had! Happy Halloween!

  3. It wasn’t too long ago that I purchased candy cigarettes for my 13-year-old daughter and she and her friend had such fun with them. Her friend and my 17-year-old son actually got paper and flour and made their own! They worked, too, and it was very ingenious. It was all pretend and a lot of laughs. No, none of them were interested in smoking just as none of them really want to murder someone with the fake Freddie Krueger nails they wear at Halloween. There is a time for pretend and I guess we each need to determine what’s okay to pretend and what is not.

  4. No matter what we do, there will undoubtedly be someone lurking about to judge it incorrect from some perspective or another. We are the parents and have the right to provide our children with all those wonderful and unforgettable experiences, like NYC and candy cigarettes. Christy, I know what a great mom you are, and what a fun-loving and well-rounded daughter you are raising. So glad you all had a blast on your trip to the Big Apple!

  5. As a mother of one of the girls on the trip, my daughter had the most fun “smoking”!! Since returning home, she continues to pretend in the silliest of scenarios and just today, I found one of her cigarettes in my car. I have such vivid memories of playing with them when I was younger and while I don’t think she will smoke when she is older, it sure is fun to watch her pretend. My favorite is to watch her pretend she is carrying on a conversation on her cell phone while puffing away!

    • I forgot to tell you Kim that we saw the episode of Say Yes To The Dress your daughter was imitating. We laughed! I can’t believe she has any of those ciggies left!

  6. Being politically correct reminds me of all the times my mom said, “What will the neighbors think?” In fact, it was her favorite line and I remember using the same phrase — and probably tone of voice — on my own kids.

    Now I’ve realized that there will always be someone out there who objects to whatever you do, so you might as well follow your heart and your instincts. Those two things will rarely lead you astray.

    I could use a chocolate cigarette right now. Heck, it must be the Halloween candy sitting by the front door that has me dreaming of chocolate melting in my mouth. 🙂

    • I think the whole world could use a chocolate cigarette right now, Sheila! Let’s hope the kids bring some home in their bucket!

  7. Too funny…I remember those too! People worry too much about petty things. Our kids will do or not do things based upon their own choices at the time. What CANDY they ate years before I don’t think will be the driving factor. LOL!

  8. You should have seen all the candy at Dylan’s, Sharla. It would have been fun to find everyone’s favorite from childhood. As it was, we were too busy trying not to lose one of the kids in the store. Happy Halloween!!

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