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Energy for the Holidays

Standing at the doorway to the holidays and fresh off Patti’s Yoga Press, it occurs to me that I shouldn’t wait until the New Year to begin my resolution.  I won’t blame it on my son and his new song, the kids’ version of KeSha’s hip-hop song, Tick Tock

With lyrics like “Wake up in the morning feeling like Buster Keenan, can’t take my prescription cause I haven’t eaten, before I leave, dip my dentures in some Poligrip, and then I rub some Bengay on my tender hip, I’m talking corn all over my toes, trying on support hose, driving on the highway slow, slow.  Please stop, turn it down, does it have to be so loud, you’re blowing up my hearing aid and it’s not covered by Medicaid!”

Are you getting the picture?  Little does he know, some of this describes his very own mother!  Oh, but if I could just wake up one morning without feeling stiff I’d consider it a blessing from the heavens.  But my aging body will have none of it.  It aches, it swells, it sags and generally needs extra attention if you know what I mean.  Now don’t get me wrong–I’m in pretty good shape.  I garden, I chase after children, I work out (when I have time) but this routine isn’t cutting it anymore!

I need to restart my yoga routine.  I need to restart my cardio-cycle while answering email routine, followed by a nice half hour of floor work focusing on rebuilding my muscles.  But who has the time?  I ask you, are you finding this to be true? Is your life so busy–especially with the holidays upon us–that you have no time for exercise?  (All this and I’m still consuming Halloween candy!)  Not good.  My lunch salads aren’t enough to carry the load.  I need some vitamins or energy shakes.  Maybe a little massage now and again?  Protein smoothie?

Something.  And I’m open to suggestion.  Do you have any tips for keep your energy high during the holidays?

I could sure use the help.

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