Energy for the Holidays

Standing at the doorway to the holidays and fresh off Patti’s Yoga Press, it occurs to me that I shouldn’t wait until the New Year to begin my resolution.  I won’t blame it on my son and his new song, the kids’ version of KeSha’s hip-hop song, Tick Tock

With lyrics like “Wake up in the morning feeling like Buster Keenan, can’t take my prescription cause I haven’t eaten, before I leave, dip my dentures in some Poligrip, and then I rub some Bengay on my tender hip, I’m talking corn all over my toes, trying on support hose, driving on the highway slow, slow.  Please stop, turn it down, does it have to be so loud, you’re blowing up my hearing aid and it’s not covered by Medicaid!”

Are you getting the picture?  Little does he know, some of this describes his very own mother!  Oh, but if I could just wake up one morning without feeling stiff I’d consider it a blessing from the heavens.  But my aging body will have none of it.  It aches, it swells, it sags and generally needs extra attention if you know what I mean.  Now don’t get me wrong–I’m in pretty good shape.  I garden, I chase after children, I work out (when I have time) but this routine isn’t cutting it anymore!

I need to restart my yoga routine.  I need to restart my cardio-cycle while answering email routine, followed by a nice half hour of floor work focusing on rebuilding my muscles.  But who has the time?  I ask you, are you finding this to be true? Is your life so busy–especially with the holidays upon us–that you have no time for exercise?  (All this and I’m still consuming Halloween candy!)  Not good.  My lunch salads aren’t enough to carry the load.  I need some vitamins or energy shakes.  Maybe a little massage now and again?  Protein smoothie?

Something.  And I’m open to suggestion.  Do you have any tips for keep your energy high during the holidays?

I could sure use the help.


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  1. The more you exercise the more energy you will have. Start slow. Don’t overdo it or you will be too sore and hesitant to continue. Resolve to make it a habit and before you know it your day won’t be complete without exercise.

    Choose something or a variety of things that you enjoy–walk or run alone, with a friend, or listening to music or an audio book. Take a class, purchase a video, combine exercise with a favorite activity. I love to read and read while I exercise. Others watch TV.

    Remember you are doing a good thing for yourself and for your kids–they need to see you exercising so they will make it a priority in their lives as well.

    Best of luck, Dianne!

  2. I am not keen on giving people suggestions about two things: weight loss (the bane of my husband’s existence) and exercise. Why? Because I didn’t start exercising until about 2 years ago. I was instructed by some cd’s I was listening to (an entire program for those individuals dealing with severe anxiety, i.e. ME) and Lucinda Bassett said to cut the caffeine and start exercising or else. So, I purchased a cool baby-blue cruiser bicycle and starting riding around my lovely little island of Alameda. And when I couldn’t do it outside, I bought a cheapo exercycle off Craig’s List for $50 and use that when the weather’s crummy. And I do this every day. And I don’t over-extend myself. It’s 30 minutes and that’s it. I don’t want to do it for 15 nor 45 or an hour. I promised myself 30 minutes and I don’t get off the bike until I’m finished. And it has done WONDERS for my stress level. I’m now able to do things I haven’t done in years. End of my preaching, Dianne!

    • I do love my stationary bicycle because it allows me to do two things at once! Can you say Type A?

      Wish I could ride a bike around someplace as gorgeous as Alameda! Been there once and remember it to this day. May have something to do with the handsome man I was sailing with at the time–but even without him it’s a beautiful island!

  3. I try to exercise every day. It is great for stress reduction and I find I sleep better than I do on the days I have to “skip”. I used to feel guilty not getting something else done–laundry, writing, yard work–but I finally decided the exercise has to be a priority. I work better with it. That being said, I just returned from the doctor and a big cortisone shot! Not only is my back killing me–possibly from lifting my ailing dog–but I’ve gained five pounds. 😦 It sometimes seems like a losing battle, but tomorrow I’m headed to the pool for water aerobics. It’s less taxing on the back than the strength training class I usually take on Tuesday mornings, but just as effective. My advice: find something you like to do and take it slow, but make it a priority. 🙂

  4. Swimming is wonderful exercise though I discovered it’s a lot harder than it looks. When my daughter joined the swim team, I swam laps to pass the time rather than sit for an hour and my God–I couldn’t BREATHE! At the time I thought I was in fairly good shape, but swimming will tell the tale, that’s for sure. What’s worse was the sixty-some-odd-year old lady passing by me with ease in the next lane. Sheesh!

    Too cold to swim now, but it’s definitely something to consider come spring. 🙂 (No, really, that’s not a delay tactic!)

  5. I’ve been sneaking in my workouts in the early mornings before getting ready for the 8-4 after I take my son to school. It’s crazy getting on thy tread at 5am, but I get to watch one of my dvr’d shows and exercise in peace. It’s the only way I can seem to sneak it in.

    • That’s probably the best time for me, too, though every time I hit the alarm that early I dread losing an hour of sleep. Perhaps I’ll have to hit the sack a bit earlier?

      “Okay kids, it’s eight-thirty. Bedtime for ALL of us!” To use their words–that’ll really freak them out! And isn’t that a mother’s goal?

      Sometimes. 🙂

  6. I’m late popping in because I’ve spent the day with my inlaws visiting assisted living/nursing homes. If you want terrific motivation for staying in shape, just pop in to a few of these homes. The people out walking every day look and act perkier than those who don’t.

    Having said that, I’m a huge believer in the daily walk. As well, it’s so important for our energy level to eat good wholesome food.

    • Walking is one of my favorite things to do and when my part-time yellow Lab is over, we walk every morning at 5:30am. For some reason it’s easier for me to wake up early when I have to uphold a commitment to him!

  7. I have come out of hibernation and being slack for not exercising as much as I usually do during our winter. Now it is spring I have started walking in the morning along the beach. When it gets a little warmer I will start swimming again as I find it relaxes me.

    One thing i found to help exercise each morning is to have the clothes laid out ready to get into. Mind games!

    • Ohhh…that’s a good one! Like my son lays out his clothes for school the night before, I could lay out mine as well!

      And of course, it should be something perky! Thanks for stopping by, Susan!

  8. Diane, I’ve often thought I want to restart my entire life. How about a do-over on some of those really stupid years? No? Okay, then energy begets energy. The more we do, the more we can do. Rev up the engines and point yourself in the right direction. Have fun 🙂

  9. Is it true what they say? The more activity you do, the more calories you burn, even at rest? My metabolism could sure use a boost right about now!

    And I don’t feel so bad, now that my husband–my younger husband–is complaining of waking up stiff and achy as well! 🙂 (Shame on me.)

  10. Have been disciplined about exercise throughout life.

    Every morning I do approx. 10 minutes of yoga, pilates & stretch.

    Once a week I swim 40 fast laps in an Olympic pool.

    None of us have the time – but all of us can get up 10 minutes earlier in the morning and find 20 minutes a week to swim as a cardiovascular activity.

    Challenge yourself Dianne! Once you notice the benefits you get the discipline.

  11. Wow. Twenty minutes to swim 40 laps? My chest hurts just thinking about it!

    But I do feel like running out for a jog this very minute. Maybe I’ll start out with a fast walk. Don’t want to push too fast, too soon!

  12. Dianne, I am SO happy to have found this wonderful community!

    I, too, am an author and love to be connected with other women.

    Regarding fitness, I’m surprised no one has mentioned ZUMBA! I love Zumba. Was first exposed to it thru my Curves location (I love Curves, too, and have been a member for more than 8 years.)

    But Zumba is the cat’s meow if you love music and love to shake it a bit. We do fairly simple moves to Latin music. It is fun, and gives you an amazing workout. I do a slightly modified version for the 50+ world, so there are various levels so suit all abilities. Try it!

    And when you’re feeling a bit naughty, check out my chocolate travel blog. You’ll be glad you did!

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