Surprise Me!!

That is what I like at Christmas.

To be surprised!

Don’t you?  I mean, you know that fantastical wonderment on our kids’ faces when they open a present and they see what it is?  Now go back further…remember when that was you?  Was that last year…or was that a few decades back?

I ask that because I know my family.  I will drop hints.  I will more than drop them, I will hand deliver them.  I will take my husband by the arm and point at the desired item and say, “that would be perfect”.  Yet basically, it will come down to December 21 or 22, and my husband and kids will huddle up and then come tell me we all need to go out to eat.  And then maybe to the mall.  And then as we walk around the mall, I’ll say “oh, that’s cool,” about something (because I’m trained really well in this game) and then I’ll keep walking while one or more of my party subtlely disappears for a bit and shows up later with a mysterious bag.

Other than that, when I’m doing MY shopping, when I see something I want, I get it, and put it in my own stocking, because I’m the stocking stuffer and who else is going to do it?  Two years ago, I did actually just hand over a list and said “Go.”   They actually did, and it was the best Christmas ever.  I got candles and a ring and flavored coffee and it was so much fun!  Last year, it went back to the norm…and I’m thinking I need to stir the pot again!  LOL.

I get so much enjoyment from surprising my family with the perfect gifts.  My kids are old, so they know some things that are coming, but I always try to surprise them with something.  Even my hubby.  It’s part of the fun!  So, what’s wrong with wanting a little of that magic for yourself…I ask?

Surprise me!!

How do you feel about gifts?  Prefer the planned guaranteed gift, or do you like to be surprised?



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  1. I love giving the perfect gift to each member of my family. You are right–as they get older it gets much harder to surprise them. My husband and I try to one-up each other on the gifts and I don’t mean in price. It is fun and gets harder every year. Love, love, love Christmas!!

  2. Sharla, I am sure you didn’t know that in some circles I am considered a distant relative of Mrs. Clause. There is no time of year more precious for a true descendent of the Clause family than the one which begins on Friday … none … never 🙂

    Surprises are the best fun and to make my children’s day I would stay up all night and write a riddle for each of them. In order to find their presents, scattered to the far corners of the house, they had to solve each part of the riddle and when after the first hour passed and the little one got stuck, the big one would put his presents aside and help her solve her riddle. Only when they had both found every gift could the unwrapping begin. Yes indeed, ’tis the season to be jolly 🙂

  3. Oh Sharla, I feel your pain! I often buy my own gifts and give them to my husband to wrap for me. Pretty sad, huh? He, of course, loves this because it saves him the work and the worry. I’ve tried giving him a list, but then he waits until the last minute and most of what I’ve put on the list is already gone.

    He did surprise me once, but it was on Easter. My son and my husband had hidden a plastic egg among the Easter Bunny’s eggs. When my kids were hunting eggs, my son brought it over to me saying the EB had left it for me. Inside was a diamond tennis bracelet! Needless to say, I wasn’t expecting it so I was very surprised! The bracelet is beautiful, but I’ll always treasure the look of gift giving joy on my young son’s face. It was priceless.:)

  4. I love reading what y’all do for Christmas and I can relate to the “hubby waits until the last minute” syndrome! I always like to be surprised, though, so I try to have a long list from which they can select. But, much more than that, I enjoy watching their faces when they open my gifts to them. I get a kick out of that more than receiving anything. Usually I do the riddle thing too, where one of the kids has to “find” their gift based on riddles, about 8 of them, until they finally find the place where the gift is hidden. I love that the most. My kids are 17 and 12 now, and Santa is no longer a part of Xmas, but last year they still wanted me to wait until Christmas morning to put out “Santa’s gifts” so they could be surprised!!!!

  5. I’m not a shopper. Neither is my husband. In fact, in the early years of our marriage, we did our shopping on Dec 24th. Joyous indeed. 🙂

    When our boys were little, the joy came in the opening of gifts and the delightful surprise on their faces, which of course made shopping worth it. But as they grew older and acquired our dislike for shopping, we decided to try something different.

    Each member of the family buys 3 gifts for themselves. There are no limits, it can be as big or small as the buyer chooses. We wrap the gifts we’ve bought, put each gift FROM one of the other members of the family. Then on Christmas morning, the person the gift is FROM has to open up the present.

    Not only has this eased the pressure of shopping, but it’s made our holiday more joyous. We’re often surprised what the other people in the family have bought for themselves. One year, I bought myself slippers, then wrapped one slipper plus a book in each boys’ FROM gift. When the first boy opened the gift and found only one slipper and a book, there was much laughter and teasing as the second boy opened his FROM gift and found it identical.

    Definitely not for everyone but we’ve found a way to enjoy the holidays with our family and that’s all that matters. 🙂

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