Important Facebook Changes

Twitter allows you to tweet 140 characters.  Facebook?  Yesterday FB announced that your status updates can be more than 60,000 characters.  You can now post a status update measuring 63,206 characters.

So, anyone reading this who is a novelist or would-be novelist could actually post your entire novel in about 9 status updates!

Facebook character limits have been expanding since March 2009 when the limit was barely bigger than Twitter’s, at 160 characters.  Then 420 characters, then this summer it jumped from 500 to 5,000 and now 63,206!!!

A lot of us enjoyed Twitter and Facebook because it kept things short and sweet.  Would you ever post a message this long?


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  1. LOL! Loved all the images, Patti!

  2. 60,000+ characters? Seriously, Patti? What are they thinking? What is their reason for making this move? Do you have more details to share?

    Sidenote: just looked out the window and it’s snowing … darn. 😦

    Okay, back to Facebook. I wonder if they’re trying to become the blog kings of the internet? I cannot imagine having to page past 60,000 characters to read the next person’s update. Yikes! If this is the case, people will surley seek out a replacement for their social media needs. Maybe G+.

    • No, Sheila, I don’t have any more information besides the fact that it happened and they noted that anyone could actually post their book in about 9 status updates! They actually don’t make any announcement, like ON FACEBOOK, for all of us to see. It’s just DONE and then we find out through the internet somehow! Kinda skanky.

    • Wait! Did you say SNOW? It’s supposed to be 70 degrees here today and I get to go ride my horse! Snow sounds beautiful but I’m already sick of being inside too much and it’s only December 2nd!

  3. Not only would I not post a message that long, I would not read a message that long. Facebook is odd. I don’t get it. I just don’t. LOL

  4. Interesting information, Patty! I’m not sure what to think about this, but I agree with Sheila. If people use Facebook to post long messages, G+ will take over as the new Facebook.

  5. That’s a really high limit! (I wonder why even have a limit at all?)

    But I am glad that they have expanded it. i use twitter for the super sweet and short messages while I would prefer to be more engaging on Facebook.

    I may not want to post a novel, but perhaps a longer poem, quote form an interesting blog post or newspaper article, etc…

  6. Patti, that is very funny. I know for sure if I saw a message that long, I would not stop to read it. I would not, could not post a bleeping autobiography on Facebook. It will be interesting to see what personality types take advantage of this feature. I don’t think I’d publish a blog post that long either 🙂

  7. I don’t get it either. This is just an opportunity for folks to rant! I wouldn’t read a post that long.

  8. I’d never post of FB status update that long. Wouldn’t like getting them either.

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