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Holiday Traditions

This time of year I find myself swept away by the business of holiday traditions.  December has arrived and my schedule is packed solid.  Which is a good thing, right?  I’m surrounded by friends and family, caught up in the hustle and bustle.  Now if only I can squeeze my Christmas shopping in, all will be merry and bright. 

But it’s tough.  There are only so many hours in the day.  What am I doing?  Well, it all starts off with a weekend at Ft. Wilderness in Walt Disney World and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas in the park.  It’s one of the fringe benefits of living only an hour away from the mouse, we can visit most any time we want!  And December is the perfect time.  The weather is gorgeous, the decorations are to die for (these are from just one campsite), the ride lines are short and when traveling with a group of 10 families and their kids?

Doesn’t get any better for my children.  They’re in heaven.  Reality and school definitely hit hard come Monday but not to worry, we’ll be hoisting up our tree this week and then it’s off to Grandma’s house to do the same with hers!  Along with siblings and cousins and eggnog galore! 

For recover, hubby and I will then sneak off to NYC for a quick weekend getaway and next to Disney, New York is a very festive place to be this time of year.  The tree in Rockefeller Center, Macy’s department store (the only time I can get my husband into a store), colorful lights on most every building, windows adorned with garland and gold…  It really gets you in the mood. 

Now mind you, I haven’t done the first ounce of Christmas shopping because I’m having too much fun.  That’s when the panic sets in.  Aaah!  It’s now middle of the month and we’re about to count down the 12 days of Christmas!  Uh, help?

And you may not believe this, but in addition to all the holiday festivities, we have 6 family birthdays we have to celebrate. ( Don’t want anyone to develop a “nobody-cares-about-me complex” simply because we rolled past their big day without a special party with cake and ribbons just for them.)  So yes, add it to the list of traditions:  “Happy Birthday!”

Hurry up and blow out the candles because we’ve got work to do.  The Christmas lights are up downtown and we must make our annual drive around town to check them all out.  Ruh, roh.  Did Dad put ours up yet?

Frowns all around indicate not.  No worries.  We can always slap a few net lights over the front bushes and call it a day.  Er–I mean, a holiday!  Yes, yes, now has anyone seen the goose?  It’s almost time for the sibling Christmas Eve dinner while we help our little ones track Santa’s flight path across the earth via our friends over at  Norad.  We LOVE that website this time of year.

Phew!  I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for Christmas morning.  Dad whips ups a killer eggs and bacon feast while Mom gets to sit back and relax and enjoy the children enjoying their gifts. How about you?  Any special traditions you have this time of year?

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