Why Do Police Stop Cars

Have you ever been pulled over by the police?  I would imagine almost everyone has been involved in that nerve-wracking experience.  The last time I heard the bleep-bleep of the police siren and the vroom-vroom of the huge motorcycle, I knew before he came up to my window what he was going to say.

The intersection I’d just driven through was regulated by stop lights and the color was yellow – ish.  It had yet to turn red and I didn’t want to slam on my brakes, so I revved the engine a bit to make my left turn, pushing me over the 25 mph speed limit.  I accepted the ticket with a smile, knowing I was in the wrong.  I don’t recall what it cost me, but it was in the hundreds of dollars.

There have been other instances I’ve received a ticket, but they didn’t involve the police. I had parked on the street and didn’t notice a half-block away there was a tiny kiosk where I was supposed to pay by the hour then put the ticket inside the car for the traffic officer to see.  There was no sign informing me I should have walked down the street and paid to park, but that didn’t matter.  It was “my bad”.

Have you ever been pulled over?  If you have, would you be willing to reveal your story?


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  1. I’ve been pulled over a few times. Usually from my attempts to get around idiots. Why do cops pull us over….one reason only. They do not give a rat’s behind about safety as it’s pawed off as. But they care very much about revenue enhancement. Yes, they want your money.

    • Well, JC, I’m sure a lot of people are going to agree with you in the sense that the price one pays for tickets these days is astronomical. I think my husband ended up paying close to $500 for a 10 mph over the speed limit ticket. AACK. That’s a lot of money!

  2. Wow. That’s terrible. My husband calls them highway pirates because they pull you over and rob you. And just try finding one if you need them. I’ve seen them drive right past people stranded on the side of the road. It’s happened to me in the middle of the night. Lone woman walking down the highway and he zoomed right on by. Maybe if I had held out my checkbook he would have stopped to assist me.

  3. They may have unwritten quotas but I bet a certain amount is expected. Just my guess.

  4. Ehem…lead foot Louis here. They used to call me “Mario” at the skating rink when I worked there as a teen.

    Umm…yes…I’ve been pulled over more times than I can count. I politely admit my wrong doing, offer no excuse other than, “I was thinking about something else and didn’t notice my speed.” I am a writer, afterall. I do my best plotting in the car.

    Sometimes (more times than not), I’ve gotten away with a warning. But I’ve had my share of moving violations, and you’re right Ladies. It aint cheap.

    I think I’ve met all of the police officers in my little town and generally know where they all park to catch speeders, so I’m concientious about slowing down through villages and speed zones.

    I’m a careful driver, but I’m just one of those people that wants to get from point A to point B in as little time as possible.

    • Okay, it was worth writing this post just to read your comment, PJ. You had me laughing after the “ahem” and then “lead foot Louis” who, by the way, I’ve never heard of. Mario, yes…lead foot Louis, what?
      Anyway, I tend to travel a bit faster than I should as well, but I don’t tailgate. That’s my husband’s forte and it drives me crazy.

  5. Oh yes Patti, the joys of a traffic ticket. Yes, I’d gotten a few, though most of my tickets over the years were for parking (NYC and its blasted alternate side of the street parking laws are the pits) … then I relocated, retired, moved to a quiet adult condo community. I was coming home late from having dinner with friends and was tired and anxious to get home fast. I was going very fast actually and then I heard the sound … pulled over and held my breathe. This angelic young officer with the bluest eyes since Paul Newman shown his face in my window. I reached for my wallet and he shook his head. “No, not tonight. Tonight I’m on my way home. I guess you are too, right?” I shook my head and blushed. “Well, please remember that someone is waiting there for you. My wife and baby are waiting for me and I know they’d be real upset if I didn’t make it. You remember who is waiting for you to come home and how silly it would be if you didn’t make it because you were in a hurry.” I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t give me a ticket, he gave me a marvelous smile and told me something I needed to remember. One moment is all that it takes to lose it all, a light we didn’t want to wait for, one night when we were in a hurry, one more drink we didn’t think would matter … and in that moment we could lose our life or we could cause an accident that kills someone’s mother or husband. So help me Patti, I have never rushed past a light, turned into a lane without thinking or gone over the speed limit again. I know it sounds silly, but so help me, I believe he was an angel sent to help me 🙂

    • What a wonderful story, Florence, and one that I will remember and recall every time I drive too fast or try to make the light that I know will be red in a second. Really touching story, and I’m glad it went straight to your heart and you changed what you were doing. Great way to think about the consequences of our actions.

  6. I ran a (like you said) yellowish before…With my mother in the car…The cop came to the window I gave him my info and said, “I thought I made the yellow. I’m so sorry.”

    He said, “That’s okay,” and went back to his car with my info.

    My mom said, “Yeah, that’s okay, he’s just going to give you a ticket for it.”

    But he came back to the window with my info and not even a warning…”You ladies be careful.”


    When we drove off, my mom said, “He must have meant it was okay.”

  7. I’ve been pulled over several times. They used to give warnings more. Now it seems like a ticket is a given if you get stopped here. My worst infraction was in high school. Um, yeah, racing my friend in our respective Honda/Toyota cars. Bad news: Cop pulled me over. Good news: I won before he did. Oops. 😉

    P.S I will deny that this is me if my children find this confession. Their mom would NEVER do anything so irresponsible.

    • I’ve never been involved in a true “race” with anyone else but I recall once when I was borrowing my sister’s badass GTO and I punched it when the light turned green. I fishtailed half-way down the street and finally got the car under control. I thought I was being really cool and actually scared the crap out of myself!

  8. Last time I got a warning–very surprising. My husband gets pulled over frequently and usually fights them in court! I don’t mind a ticket when I’m in the wrong, but the fees are over the top high!

  9. I’ve been stopped by the mean-hearted cop and the angelic young man (like Florence) and I must say, it’s far nicer to take your just punishment from someone who treats you with respect and courtesy.

    My angelic young man called me “Ma’am”. I got the feeling I reminded him of his mother. 🙂

  10. I’ve gotten exactly one speeding ticket. Like yours, it was in the hundreds of dollars. I got it for trying to get around an idiot who kept slamming on his breaks at every intersection. There weren’t stop signs in the area, and I suppose the driver was looking for a particular street to turn on. When I started to go around him, he floored it to keep me from passing. I lost my cool and sped past–right in front of a traffic cop.

    I agree with the ladies who say it has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with money. The idiot who was slamming on his breaks at every street was a far greater danger than I was.

    • That’s how I feel lots of times, Catie – that the cops are never there when the crazies are driving like idiots in front of me. And I “do” get ticked off and often do some dangerous-ish things that I know I shouldn’t….

  11. I got caught in a speed trap once–of course with my daughter in the car. 🙂 She was neatly buckled into a car seat at the time, so she was maybe 5. She can’t remember what happened last week, but she does remember mommy getting a ticket!

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