Happy New Year!

With each new year we seem to hit the “reset” button on our lives with vows to get back on track, or do things differently.  As for me, I look forward to this time of year.  I don’t know about you, but I can use a “reset” button on my life when it comes to maintaining control of my time and energy and this year is no different. So what are my New Year’s resolutions?

Like many of you, I plan to exercise and eat right.  I have somewhat of an indulgent personality when it comes to savory food and sweet desserts and since the holidays are filled with both, well…  You can imagine my predicament.  Not to mention I’m getting older and the pounds don’t slip off as easily as they once did (thank you Mother Nature!).

No, I don’t plan to do anything as glorious as climb that mountain, though I do LOVE to hike.  This particular scene is from a trip to Scottsdale with my husband where we enjoyed an afternoon of scaling the rock face, but as for my exercise regime? I’ll be gluing my bottom to a stationary bike. 

Next on the list is schedule.  As an indie author I’m finding a real tug of war between time for my writing and time for my marketing. Both are important, yet with only so many hours in the day, I need to limit “the when and the where” of each.  For example, when I write, I need blocks of time.  And a story board, piles of reference notes…

But I can tweet here and there, check Facebook posts, answer email and I can do so in the car during my kids’ tennis practice, in the pick up line after school, while the roast is cooking in the oven…  So rather than begin my day updating my tweets and other sources of social media (which can eat up half my morning), I plan to answer email and get straight to the business of writing.  Social media will be an after dinner activity, lunch break, etc.

And speaking of food, dinner is key to a family’s happiness but something I tend to forget on a daily basis.  Remember?  I’m writing and marketing all day and have no time for food!  But I must make time, else my family up and revolt.  So this year, the menu will be planned and shopped for on Sunday and posted prominently in the pantry.  Next time anyone asks, “Hey Mom–what’s for dinner?”  I won’t have to return a look of total and utter shock.  “Dinner?”

I also plan to master the art of tomatoes this year, not only in growth but sauce and storage, too.  Same goes for my Hungarian Wax peppers.  I’m an Italian now, and Italians like their sauce and peppers.  And they like them on everything from pasta to pizza pies–which reminds me.  Add pizza crust to the list of tasks to master in 2012!

Phew.  Anyone else hungry?  Best I head for my exercise bicycle right now, because I happen to know for a fact that my “daughter the baker” has a few plans of her own in the kitchen and most of them include cake and frosting!

Egads, this could spell trouble.  But delicious trouble to be sure.  How about you?  Anything new and exciting going on in your resolution life?


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  1. Dianne,
    All excellent resolutions and all I plan to follow as well, except for the tomato and pepper growing. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who forgets about dinner!!

    Best of luck to you in 2012.

  2. My husband and I just watched a show the other day about how dinner with family is one of THE most important things you can do for your family. But with my son’s basketball schedule, he can never eat dinner with us and so the rest of the family just eats “whenever” and in front of the television! I grew up eating promptly at the same time every day and we all sat together at the kitchen table. What happened to that, I ask myself. I mean, I guess we should just eat at the dining room table without my son in order than at least my husband and daughter and I are “family”. I guess it makes me feel kind of guilty that the “whole” family isn’t in on it, you know?

    • We all eat together each night, though when my kids grow older and beging to have conflicting schedules, I fear this may not remain the same.

      But I’m hopeful! And I’ll focus on the time we do have together now…

  3. You had me right up to the photo of the decadent cake! I have NO willpower when it comes to baked goods. 🙂 Unfortunately, I have to wait another week to establish a routine again in my house. My son leaves on Saturday. Despite being an adult (most of the time), he still demands a lot of my attention when he’s home. And, since I know this time of transition is so fleeting, I won’t give it up. Happy New Year!

  4. Exercise, diet, and more time to write. And we need to fit our family in there, too? Life is hectic and that’s why we take a holiday once in a while. If we weren’t always flying by the seat of our pants, I think we’d be bored. LOL!

  5. What a delight reading each of your posts. Around our house it’s my husband and myself now plus the 2 shit zues. If the dogs didn’t remind us it was mealtime for them, I’m not sure we’d remember. I believe one of the most important traditions a family can practice is dinner time together. Growing up we had to be at the dinner table on time or we best have a darn good excuse. Now it’s easier for the two of to go out.

  6. I hope to share those same guidelines with my kids as they age. Not home for dinner? Better be a good one… 🙂

    Happy New Year!

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