How do you handle stress??

How do you deal with stress…and worry…and well, all that comes with it?

Unfortunately, this is probably me, more often than I care to admit.  LOL!

Some people can carry their personal load of chaos around in their head with them, mentally sorting out the important from the monotony, and dropping the duties neatly in their places as they go through their day or week.

Others structure their schedules meticulously, tracking everything and writing everything in calendars and lists and smartphones and walk around with the peace of one who knows there will be an alert sounding the next duty so they don’t have to remember it.

I’m in awe of any of these people!  Because I fall in between, in the chasm I call Post It Note Hell or sometimes Needing To Stop Time Psychosis.

I am a “lister” in the sense that I have no less than five or six post it notes going at one time, with everything that I need to do that day, also a planner that has everything I need to do that month.  The post it notes change, and I have to remember to open the planner, and there’s also a calendar hanging on the fridge at home for the rest of the family, but I’m usually the only one that puts THEIR things on it.  I walk around neither happily keeping it all in, nor peacefully writing it all down, but usually in a panic that me or my husband or my daughter are forgetting something vital.

This month is a nightmare, with my daughter’s birthday, my 2nd book deadline, a spiritual retreat team I’m on starts weekly meetings, and my daughter has midterms that I have to help her study for.  I still have Christmas decorations up inside my house that I have to get put away and my house cleaned before Friday night when family is coming over, and I have a meeting next week at work that I’m supposed to present information on that I don’t have information on….several months worth of non-information…because I’ve been a little “writing” focused.   I can kinda relate sorta really exactly like that picture up there.

So how do you structure your life and handle stress and craziness?  I’m curious where you fall or if you are in that chasm with me and I just haven’t seen you among all the ka-ka in there!  🙂




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  1. Oh, Sharla, it sounds like you really ARE stressed out! You know, I have been a stressed person for as long as I can remember, as in, since I was in my 20’s. I try to manage my reactions to stress (the physical stomach aches and neck aches and such) by exercising every day just a little (like 30 minutes on my bike) and by listening to a 15-minute meditation tape a couple of times a week, and taking time to not do anything for, like, five minutes. In doing so, I make it through the stressful times better than I used to. You have a LOT on your plate and I don’t envy you, but you still strike me as a very strong woman who does it all in the end anyway.

  2. Sharla,
    With all that on your plate, I’d be stressed out, too! Take a deep breath and concentrate on taking small steps to complete each task. Trust me, you’re not the only one with Christmas decorations still up in the house.

    We all handle stress differently. My son is so relaxed about everything, we always say he’ll never get an ulcer, however God bless the woman who marries him!! I’m in between as well and the older I get the better I am at realizing most stress is unproductive.

    Best of luck on all your deadlines!

    • Thanks Christy, I will get there! LOL! I’m trying to give it all to God to let him sort out what’s important, but I keep grabbing the leash back. 🙂 Don’t you just love the picture though? I love that picture. Maybe a little too much…lol.

  3. Oh Sharla, timely post! I have ‘to do’ lists at work, of course, but last night, I started one at home, with 5 columns, no less! I’m certainly with you on the stress level!

    When my shoulders start hovering around ear level, I remind myself of my boss’s favorite saying, “No one has died.”

    Dumb, but it helps put things in persepective.
    Hang in there!

  4. Too funny, Sharla! I am feeling a bit overwhelmed right now, also. Not only do the decorations have to come down, but we had new carpeting installed in the bedrooms last week, which means all the junk has to be sorted and either tossed or put back. Topping it off is the 8th grade science fair presentation which my daughter kept assuring me was “nearly complete.” Yeah, not so much and it’s due tomorrow. 🙂

    I’m somewhere in the middle of being a planner and a pantster, so that pretty much sums up my stress level. I try to get as much done as I can, but I do resent the fact that I have to be the central planner for the entire family. Somehow it all gets done, though. And, if the house isn’t perfect by your Friday night party, who cares? Just enjoy being with your family. 🙂 Savor the moments, they pass to quickly.

  5. Love the cartoon, Sharla. LOL! I handle stress by not sleeping. I figure I can get more done that way. 🙂

    As far as lists, I’m a terrible listmaker. I make them, then don’t look at them. Somehow I manage to keep things in my head and rarely miss deadlines or apps, etc. I’ve always been this way which my husband finds truly annoying, He’s always got his own lists going and can’t figure out how I can manage without them. I just tell him I like to live dangerously.

    Hang in there, my dear. Hopefully things will slow down a wee bit once you get that book finished.

  6. Sharla, coming in late … why? I was off for two weeks and I think it might two more to catch up with all the things on my “to do” list that were dropped because of the frazzle of activities.

    It’s so wonderful that you have the stress of yet another book. I mean how great is that and how far from where you were a year or two years ago? Hang in there and like the old drunk said … “What, you say it’s not one drink at a time?”

  7. I’m an “aggressive” sleeper and work through most of my stress at night–unfortunately–by grinding and tossing and turning. It’s awful on the old memory but I simpy haven’t figured out how to stop it.
    During the day? No prob. I have total mind control (yeah, right!). But at night? It’s a struggle!

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