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I’m talking today about the butchering of the English language.  Now…that being said, remember I’m in the South, where this happens hourly, but still there are things that give even me and my slangy self a twitch.

An old coworker and I used to call these “Wordisms” and we collected them as we heard them.  These are only a few on a looooong list.

So here you go…WORDISMS
(otherwise known as… Things Said That Make Your Skin Itch)

Concreke:     Some of us know this as concrete
Digikal:      Digital  (I can’t explain this….”t” challenged?)
Discovery Card:   Discovery Channel / Discover Card
Flustrated:     Flustered or Frustrated…pick one please…
Ideal or Idear:      It’s Idea
Irregardless:     Just plain old Regardless
Oncet:     Once.  My dad used to do this…put t’s at the end of everything
Twicet:    Twice.  Yep…same thing.
Supposively:   Supposedly

   and a personal favorite…
Walmark:     A relative of Digikal…instead of Walmart

Very small selection of what has become a giant list…  LOL!!

What words do you hear mangled on a regular basis?  Are there any that drive you batty?  And are there any that you do yourself??  I can’t think of any actual word mangling I might do, but my husband or friends probably could provide me with something pretty easily.  LOL.  What I do notice that I do is say “like” and “um” way too much.

Tell me your wordisms!!!!!



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