Is There An App For That?

Ahh, finally I’ve caught up to my children and am now the proud owner of a smart phone.  Santa was generous and brought me an iPhone for Christmas.  It looks really sleek and relevant in its purple, plastic case.  Now I can read my email messages wherever I am because, you know, my emails are of such an urgent nature that I need them in real time. (Not!)  I can also update my Facebook page with annoying—I mean entertaining—vignettes about my day.  With pictures, too, because my phone has an amazing camera.   Thanks to the Emoji app, I can decorate all my text messages with a variety of cute pictures because why shouldn’t my texts look like they we written by a teenage girl?

And that’s about it because, truth be told, I got a smart phone that’s smarter than me.  Seriously, it talks back.  What do I need that for?  I have teenagers!

I’ve loaded some apps on it, but not many.  When I enter the App Store (how funny does that sound?) I get a little overwhelmed with all the crazy and amazing things I can put at my fingertips.  I have dipped my toes in, picking up a few of the thousands of apps available.  My first one?  The Flashlight.  Now, if I have to change a flat tire in the dark, I have a light right there on my phone to do it by.  Of course, a better use of my phone might be to call AAA, but a gal’s gotta have options, right?

Since it was the New Year, the second app I loaded on my phone was the Weight Watcher’s app.  Yep, I live and die by the points.  Now that I think about it, though, a better app might be one that yells at me to “put down that chocolate!”  Is there an app for that?

Music is very important to my everyday existence, so I’ve had a lot of fun with iTunes and Slacker Radio.  My task for this week is to figure out how to load one of my existing songs to use as a ringtone.  Not as easy as it sounds.  If I’m lucky, my fourteen-year-old will take pity on her out-of-touch mother and help.

I haven’t loaded any games, yet.  No Angry Birds or Words With Friends or—the favorite in the Solheim house—Temple Run.  Okay, I did load Magic8Ball, but that was because Jill Shalvis makes mention of it in her latest release Head Over Heels.  It sounded fun, just like the book.

My son is addicted to FourSquare and I’ll probably load that one, too, if only to ensure he doesn’t become the mayor of our neighborhood!  I do like ShopSavvy, though.  How cool is it that you can compare prices of anything from you phone?

I’m sure there are a million things I can do with this wonderful little gadget.  I need a copy of iPhones for Dummies because a mother can only bear so many exasperated sighs and eye rolls from her children when asking for help.  With time, I’m sure I’ll be a pro.  But you know what the best thing about my iPhone is?  The one reason I consented that Santa could go over budget and get me one?  FaceTime.   Because when your child is lying in a hospital room three hours away, all you want to do is see his face.  Hopefully I’ll never have to use it for that, but just knowing I can makes me sleep better.  Isn’t technology great?

What are some of your favorite apps?

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  1. I am an educated, intelligent woman. I wiped those kids’ rear ends and snotty noses. There is definitely a “mom is stupid” attitude regarding my slow uptake on gadgets. They came into this world with a video game controller in their little paws. I own a smart phone and a laptop, but still get the eye rolls from my spawn. 🙂

  2. I’m technologically challenged and the app store scares me. As you mentioned, my kids are pros at knowing the best apps and my phone is loaded with all the latest and greatest for the 12-14 year old crowd. They have loaded plenty of games so if I’m ever stuck in a snowstorm or run my car into a ditch, I can entertain myself until the battery runs out or help arrives–whichever comes first. So, when you figure out your phone, let me know how to use mine!

  3. Oh Tracy, how I covet an iPhone, mostly because I’m a technology hoe and there’s nothing that’s more fun than playing with a new gadget with new programs. I resisted the iPad because I didn’t need it, but I thought of it every day and imagined cradling it my arms. I finally bought myself one and for two weeks, I did little else but check out apps and play on it. 🙂

    My Blackberry contract expires at the end of this year and I’ll be heading down to the nearest cell phone store and buying an iPhone. So girls, hold off on the trip to Hawaii until then and I’ll join you. 🙂

    • I bought my husband an iPad for Christmas so he doesn’t have to carry his laptop to job sites. He loves it! I’d love one, too, but I can’t justify having it. Maybe we should go to the big tech fair in Vegas. 🙂

  4. Oh, Tracy, I can understand why you’d want an iPhone just for the capability of using FaceTime. I get that, given your situation. That’s enough of a reason, eh?
    I bought myself an iPhone on my last birthday as a present to myself so that I could do e-mails while I’m away and know that the darn thing would work no matter what — because I believe in Steve Jobs!!
    I have not been to the app store. I’m afraid I’d want a bunch of apps that REALLY I don’t need.

    • Steve Jobs was dancing in his grave this Christmas. Two iPhones and one iPad at my house. Every kid I talked to got either an iTouch, iPhone or iPad for Christmas. I wish I had more Apple stock. 🙂

  5. Oh you made me laugh with the Flashlight app, that’s too funny. I have a Droid 2x or x2 or whatever it’s called, and it’s my first foray into SmartPhones as well.

    I love getting my email and Facebook/Twitter on there, that was really my driving force because I’m a Twitter junkie. LOL.

    I love ShopSavvy too!

  6. All the technology is amazing AND overwhelming, but I have to confess: “Siri” (of the new 4S iPhone fame) is my new best friend. She’s polite, expedient, and eager to please. I say “Thank you” and she says things like “I live to serve” and “You are MOST welcome…”

    Does it get any better in a personal assistant? I think not! Thank you Santa!

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