Why Can’t We Be More Like Animals?

If any of you have read my personal blog, you already know I’m an animal lover.  I enjoy reading stories about animals and their behavior.  I am an avid contributor and reader of anything “Humane Society of the United States” and cannot pass up a stray dog in any city without picking it up and trying to find its owner.  All the jokes and cartoons you see about animals and humans, in my opinion, a majority of them are true.

I’ve never been let down by one of my dogs.  Annabella and Jack are always excited to see me when I come home.  They go “maniac” when I open the front door.  They jump all over the place, wag their tales so hard they knock over glasses and magazines.  They lick my face and Jack is so jealous of me, he will not allow me to give any attention to his mother, Annabella, so he barks like a freakazoid until I pay 100% attention to him.

Enough said.  I wish my family and friends thought I was so cool.

When I saw an article in StumbleUpon (my newest find and muse for my blogs!) I felt compelled to share it with you.  I will never forget the time I was eight months pregnant and sitting in my car at a stop light in the small city of Alameda where I live.  In the middle of the intersection was a blind man.  He had a white cane and was tap-tapping in the middle of the intersection, trying to find his way from one side to the other.  No one, not ONE individual, got out of their car to help him.  I was about three cars back from the stop light, so I got out of my car, and ran to help him.  I asked him if he wanted me to guide him to the other side and he was very grateful for that.  But the insensitivity of humans sometimes (not all the time.  I’m not a pessimist.) can be appalling.

Lily is a Great Dane that has been blind since a bizarre medical condition required she have both eyes removed. For the last 5 years, Maddison, another Great Dane, has been her sight. The two are, of course, inseparable.

Why can’t we be more like animals?


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  1. I think that, too. Have you ever heard that quote by Mark Twain on dogs? It’s my favorite.

    “The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man’s.”

    That says it all. (To me, at least.)

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Catie. Lately, as weird as this may sound, I’ve watched my dogs and thought how cool it would be to be them – at least with US as owners, that is. I would LOVE to not have a care in the world and just sleep on the couch, get fed twice a day, get bones every time someone comes home, and be pet and sung to and on and on. I realize the majority of dogs don’t get that sort of treatment, but mine do.

      • Patti, my dog gets treated like royalty. I sing to him. I brush his teeth and groom him every night. He always has food out, and it’s not that cheap Walmart brand, either. He has more toys than most kids, and he gets his way an awful lot. I might not mind being him for just a day.

        • Well, Catie, my dogs and my horse get treated like royalty because I believe they deserve it. They’ve given me more in my life than I can ever say. I’d love to be my horse for at least a day. He has a view to die for in the Oakland hills.

  2. Your love of animals does shine through, Patti. There is nothing like living with the animal of your choice. Mine choice is dogs and my life and the lives of our family would be decidedly less in every way without the love and attention from our dogs. I have a framed bullet list above my desk reminding me to treat others as my dog treats me. Lovely post.

    • I’ve never heard that line before, Christy – “to treat others as my dog treats me”. That’s remarkable. I’m serious. I’m going to try to think about that every time I’m around others. See how it works for me. Thanks.

  3. Wow, Patti, a magnificient story about the dogs.

    I believe we all *think* we are too busy. In reality, we always have the time to help others. Your story is a poignant reminder for us all.

    thank you!

    • Thanks Vicki! I really in truly believe in paying it forward and wish others would try a bit to live their lives like that. I’m not saying I pull it off every single day – no way – but after seeing that movie, I love the concept.

  4. I love that. Such cool pics too.

  5. Wonderful post, Patti! And I so agree with you. I’m not a pessimist either, but man’s inhumanity toward others is starting to wear a little thin.

    Love the quote, Catie!

    • Man’s inhumanity toward others DOES wear WAY thin for me. I try to watch the news in the mornings and end up turning it off because in reality, all I wanted to see was the weather. All the rest of it makes me sick and is NOT the way I want to start my day.

  6. When this post came into my email today, Patti, I already knew who wrote it. Your love of animals is inspiring and truly there is a special place in heaven for those who care for His creatures and being there with Mark Twain would be too cool 🙂

    I’ve read your story about the two dogs before, and I can never get over the love they share and the caring that so many of us can learn from. Thank you so much for sharing another great story about you “family.”

    • Florence, you are too kind. I don’t know where the heck or when the heck I became an animal advocate. I grew up with little dogs (the opposite of what I have now) and we also had a bunny then a duck and lots of cats along the way. Then, for some reason, I became attracted to bigger and more varied animals, like tigers and elephants and horses. There are toooooo many to mention and they all need us as advocates for their survival. They can’t do it themselves.

  7. Terriffic post, Patti. Animals are clearly the superior beings on this planet.

  8. Your love for animals shines through in your thoughtful words, Patti. I, too, wish all humans could be as generous with their time and love as our pets.

  9. I’m going to try to make it a point to be more like these animals for 2012…great blog, Patti!

  10. I was fine until the picture of Lilly placing her head on Maddison’s shoulder to be lead around then I teared up! Lovely post Patti!

  11. Patti, I’ve been lurking with you for some time but this one really got to me, another animal nut. When we moved from Florida to California we had 9 stray dogs with us. It was a hilarious and wonderful trip. Then we moved to Canada and this time we had only one Otterhound and 3 cats. Then we moved on to France with Sandy Otterhound and the 3 cats. Our eldest cat is 22 years old this year and has crossed the Atlantic 4 times with us. Since being here in France we have adopted 3 French cats and another dog. Blessings on you, my dear. I am 77 years old and still learning a lot from observing my animals.
    Best wishes to another good person, Anne Crowder

    • Oh, Anne, I had NO idea I had such a special “lurker”. What a fantastic tale about your furry friends and you crossing the Atlantic over and over again. So many people would leave their pets behind. You obviously are an animal maniac like me! France? Man, does that sound SO romantic. We will never stop learning from our pet friends, no matter our age. I agree with you there.
      Thanks for coming out and commenting, Anne!

  12. After just dropping off our “part-time” Yellow Lab, your post made me smile. Thanks for the pictures! Too cute. 🙂

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