What’s YOUR guilty pleasure?

Do you have a guilty pleasure? As for myself, naming only one may prove difficult. Or perhaps I could rationalize this one away and say there are NO guilty pleasures. I’m an adult. Everything is fair game. (So long as I’m calling my mother and paying attention to hubby and the kids, right?)

Oh, but I do love fantasy play! Alright, my number one guilty pleasure…

Does flirting count?  It’s not chocolate cake (that I so desperately yearn for), but it is equally as fulfilling. I am a living breathing woman with needs and, eh-hem, ego. I am getting older, wider—er, I mean, wiser.  Yes, older and wiser is what I’m getting and when the bag boy at my local supermarket smiles bright and asks, “Are these your kids?”

As though he’s surprised that a woman of my youthful appearance could have produced elementary-aged children—upper elementary-aged children, to be exact. Well, it’s an easy mistake to make (a lie I’ll continue to tell myself) so I smile in reply and say, “Why yes, they are.”

“Wow…” he utters in shock.

Sweet child.  Of course he must be younger than he looks because if he had a lick of worldly sense about him, he would know that no woman in her right mind would take another person’s child to the grocery store, let alone two. Shoot—it’s not even wise to take your own kids to the store let alone someone else’s!

And to think I had grown older and wiser.  (Perhaps I have a few years to go before that particular feature kicks in.) Yes, well, can we get back to chocolate?  At least I’ve grown wise enough to distinguish between good chocolate and bad chocolate.  You know, as in:  I only eat dark chocolate. 

Okay, that’s a lie.  The best chocolate pudding cake is not made from dark chocolate but my ever so favorite milk chocolate with caramel between the layers, topped with milk chocolate frosting…

Speaking of frosting, I believe I’m plum out.  I think it’s time I head to the grocery store right now—without the kids.  Heaven knows they’ll want some of my cake if they see me buy it!  (Told you it wasn’t a good idea to shop with children.)  Now if you’ll excuse me, I think it’s time I practice my “innocent” look—before the kids and hubby get home.

How about you?  Any guilty pleasures you want to share?

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  1. That was SO cute and started my day out with a smile, Dianne. The other day I went with my hubby to my 17-year-old son’s basketball game and as my husband hands the man money for two, my husband points at the little sign that says how much it costs for seniors and we both laugh. The guy taking the money laughs out loud and says, “Sixty? You? I’m sure, more like 22!” Made my whole week. I laughed out loud and ran to take my seat on the bleachers.

  2. A friend called me one afternoon and told me, “I’m dead.” I asked him, “Really, you sound pretty lively to me.” “No, it’s over. Dion just turned 60.” Then I was minding my own business (also at the supermarket) and saw the cover of People Magazine with the faces of dozens of women. I read the caption and wanted to dive into an early grave with my old rocker friend. Goldie Hawn was 60!!

    Dianne, I would say you have a way to go before you start wearing flouncy blouses, long gauze skirts and big earrings … the sign of the middle aged female trying one last time to recapture that spark of youth. Ah, don’t worry so much about it 🙂

    Most of us watch football to see those great bums in tight pants, the sparkle of the packer’s eyes is supposed to pull you into a fantasy of what if. So relax and have some milk chocolate cake laced with caramel and thick milk chocolate frosting and pay for it the next day with cottage cheese and fruit 🙂

  3. Dianne, those kids just keep getting younger and younger looking, don’t they? LOL! My guilty pleasure is an A&W teenburger. I think it’s the bacon. 🙂

    • OMG–bacon? The scent sends shivers of pleasure up my spine whenever hubby takes to the Saturday morning stove. (Breakfast is NOT my department!)

      Hmmm… Thanks for the visual. And olfactory!

  4. Cupcakes. My guilty pleasure is any kind of cupcake. 🙂

    • You and my daughter both. Now only if she wouldn’t bake 24 of them I’d be without issue! AGH! If she has to remind me one more time about the self-control I continually remind her to inflict!

  5. I’ve given up on the fantasy that I’ll ever catch a young man’s eye. Now I have to look out for boys flirting with my daughter!

    I guess my guilty pleasure is ice cream. Love it, love it, love it!

    Thanks for the cute post!

  6. Oh Christy, I doubt you miss a young man’s eye. But you’re right to be worried about your daughter. Have you seen kids these days? YIKES!

  7. Ummmm, I have more than one.

    Blue Bell Pecan Pralines & Cream ice cream…
    Deluxe nachos…
    Lifetime movies… lol

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