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The End of Youth

I just read a great post by Sheila Seabrook about inner beauty.  The way she described her father’s love for her mother was touching as well as her story of feeling awkward in comparison to her siblings. This resonated with me in terms of how much family means to me, how time flies by, and how we need to hold on to what we have today – because that’s all we have.  The future is not in our hands to deal with today.  We can look back and feel our memories.  We can deal with what is happening now and in the present.  But what will happen tomorrow is out of our grasp today.

Last night was my son’s last basketball game of the season.  He’s been playing basketball for three years and will be graduating this June from high school.  We’ve been by his side for three years and attended most of his games.  Last night was Senior Night and it was a miracle I didn’t wail my way through it, except the game was so exciting I was too busy yelling and screaming and waving my “Go Dylan!” sign that the cheerleaders had made for him.

My heart is breaking at the thought that I won’t be able to cheer for him and his team mates any longer, that his days of being on the high school varsity team have come to an end.  I already miss eating dinner, doing the dishes, and then rushing off to the games to shout (and often to pout after their losses).

Having his team mates over almost every day and watching them growing older has been a privilege that has made me smile and now makes me sad because I see their youth slipping away.  They’re now young men.  And I have witnessed the end of their youth.  And I cry.

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