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What’s On Your Mind?

Have you been getting a lot of calls from pollsters lately? I have.  Not just about hot, election topics—most pollsters regret asking my opinion on politics pretty quickly. 🙂  But I’m also getting daily calls asking my “feelings” about dish soap and toilet paper.  Seriously, the last guy actually used the word feelings.  Yeah, dude, I want my TP to work and not cost a lot.  Kapeesh?

I’m grouchy because my wrist hurts after breaking it this weekend.  No, there’s not a ‘good story’ associated with my slip and fall.  (Which just goes to show you how successful my fiction career is right now because I can’t even come up with a fascinating tale to deflect attention from my klutziness.)  Instead, I came up with my own opinion poll.  And there’s not a single mention of my feelings about soap or toilet paper.  But, there are a few things on the list that a gal can have strong opinions on:

“Photo-shopped” abs Or

“Scarlett, I don’t give a damn” abs

Red wine Or white wine

Chocolate Or vanilla (seriously, who picks vanilla?)

Piano Or acoustic guitar

Coke Or Pepsi

American Idol Or The Voice

Glee Or Smash

George Clooney Or

Brian Williams

Skittles Or M&M’s

dogs Or cats

Jane Austen Or Nora Roberts

Facebook Or Pinterest

pizza Or pasta

Zumba Or Pilates

The Wizard of Oz Or The Princess Bride

Mayhem Or

Discount Double Check

Tim Tebow Or Jeremy Lin

SUV Or Convertible (trust me, someone will pick the SUV)

bubble bath Or hot shower

beach vacation Or ski vacation

Sunday paper Or iPad

theatre Or sporting event

candlelight Or lights out

Kindle Or Nook

Letterman Or


Stouffers macaroni and cheese Or Kraft macaroni and cheese

People magazine Or Vanity Fair

midnight snack Or moonlight swim

I could go on here, but my wrist is killing me—and clearly the pain meds are killing a few brain cells. 🙂 Feel free to leave a comment or offer up your own opinions.  Just no Mitt, Rick, or Newt, please!

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