The Eerie Feeling I’m Being Tracked…

Have you ever been surfing the internet, leaping from site to site, forgot where you left off last only to have your web browser remember for you?  Or whatever remembers for you?

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I’ll admit it.  I don’t know how all this web stuff works, but I do know they’re tracking my every movement.  No big deal coming from the woman who’s certain she’s made the “list” somewhere along the way, but seriously.  Am I crazy?  Paranoid?

I don’t think so.  I have a few WordPress blogs, a couple of websites using WordPress platform (though not accessed via  But when it came time to write my post for this week, I was denied access.  Denied access?  I practically saw red lights flashing around me, horns blasting “intruder!”  What do you mean denied access?

And then I read a bit further.  Seems I was logged in as “gardenfrisk” ~~ my garden blog persona.  Yep.  Not only do I multi-task, I multi-alias to boot!  No wonder I feel crazy–half the time I don’t know if I’m the author of romantic fiction or the organic gardener-extraordinaire.  Am I mom today, or career gal?  Incognito, or looking for attention and promo opportunities at every turn?

Phew.  This social media business can be downright exhausting.  Adding to this is my new venture into Pinterest.  Ever heard of it?  It’s all the rage.  Though I still haven’t convinced myself to sign on for the “Pin It” button action.  My web security detail, Mr. McAfee, doesn’t approve.  And if he doesn’t approve, I don’t approve.

So how I can remain part of the “in” crowd?  Guess I’ll have to upload and “pin it” photos myself, the old-fashioned way.  Is it worth it?  Well, that depends on what you’re after.  I was recently “discovered” by Pinterest because a member decided to “share” (hence, pin)  one of my garden blog photos to her Pinterest board.  I had over 500 hits that day!

Incredible.  If those numbers aren’t enough to make you look twice, I don’t know what is.  So I blinked.  I looked.  And now I’ll wade my way through yet another fabulous, revolutionizing social media site.  How about you?  Is it worth it?  Or is it merely a part of a greater, sinister plot?

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  1. It’s a part of a plot to waste every second of our day posting and communicating with strangers while ignoring our real family and friends. I hate social media with a passion, but know it is a necessary evil. And I do mean evil!

  2. You’re hilarious, Diane. 🙂

    Yep, some days it’s overwhelming … but then I discovered Pinterest and I’m in love again! Since I’m always picking up photos off the internet, now I have a place to share my favorite ones. Yay!

    If I can find you there — I’m still a newbie — I’ll follow your boards. I love your gardening pictures.

  3. I heard of Pinterest a few weeks ago but was VERY wary of adding on yet another site to distract me from writing. As it is, I feel like a total failure because I don’t tweet. I barely have time to go on FB because once on there I have groups I belong to and I could be on that site for hours. And I’m in the middle of sending out query letters which we all know is extremely time-consuming and then there’s my novel for which I should write a synopsis and new query letter. AACK! I’m not saying Pinterest isn’t the coolest thing in the world (I haven’t a clue) but I just can’t jump on the bandwagon.

    • It’s tough to keep focused on writing with all the other distractions out there — some enjoyable, some simply necessary…

      But we must remain vigilant against piling too much on our proverbial plates.

  4. I’ve been invited and I’ve peeked a few times, but I’m scared. Eeek!

    I need another time-sucking internet black hole like I need that ice cream sitting in my freezer. And I know I love that ice cream…. And I know I’ll love Pinterest.

    So far I’ve avoided both. But now I’ve heard it’s an author promo tool, and I just hang my head because I’m such a sucker to go check that idea out.


  5. I barely have enough time to sleep as it is, then they go and add another social website we need to log into. Oh well, sleep is over-rated right? Great post 🙂

    • Sleep is TOTALLY overrated ~ at least in my household. Especially when my little boy comes to snuggle. He sleeps with his hands wrapped around my neck. Me? I just *sigh*

  6. I’m with you, Sharla. I’m afraid I’d love Pinterest…even though I have no idea of how it works, or how that ties to my writing.

    I’ve tried a bunch of them, but besides blogging, only Twitter captured my interest. I LOVE Twitter!

    Oh, and responding to great blog posts like this…huge time suck (but FUN!)

  7. Succumb…you must succumb….ohm…

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