Daily Archives: February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year!!

Ohhhhh so random today.  Yesterday I kept falling back to the “what will I post tomorrow” thoughts, and apparently my head is too full of things springboarding in all directions to focus on one.

I’m blaming it on Leap Year.  We have this extra day and I think it’s throwing everything off.  That’s why I’m so fuzzy, right?

My next story is finally starting to flesh out in my thoughts, and while that is the yummiest part, it also tends to fill up every possible nook and cranny that isn’t taken by worries of what-the-heck-do-I-do to promote book one.  And did my newly driving daughter make it to school okay.  And crap I still have to read up on how to do my taxes now.  And how do I set up a contest on Goodreads.  And why won’t my boss quit coming in my office…doesn’t he know I don’t have TIME to do this meaningless-yet-pays-the-bills-job right now?  I mean, really!!  So bear with me if I ramble.  *frowning as I realize how often I say that*

Since I can’t seem to narrow down a thought process today…my ADHD is in full bloom.  I’m going to open the floor to all of YOUR thoughts.   What are you planning to do with this extra day of the year?  


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