Today I have been on the planet for… 45 years.

Forty five years. Wow.  I remember when that was a hundred years away.

My daughter is seventeen, and I remember seventeen.  I REMEMBER seventeen and many things about that age that I hope my daughter won’t be remembering when she’s my age.  Then again, if I take my mommy hat off for a minute, I hope she does.  I want her to do the crazy things she’ll sit around a fire telling stories about later, I just don’t want to know she’s doing them.

I remember turning nineteen when that was the drinking age in Texas…for five whole months.  Then it changed to 21 and I had to be a baby using fake id’s again…um…I mean, I had to stay home again.

I remember leaving home at twenty and moving 300 miles away…learning about what big cities were like.  I remember having my daughter at 27, moving back home at 32, trying to open a bookstore at 35, going back to crunching numbers behind a desk at 37, and getting remarried at 39.

Where on earth did all the time go?  Suddenly that arbitrary age that seemed a century away is lying on me like a blanket, with aching muscles and not quite so taut skin.  Highlights and lowlights that cover up more gray than I care to admit.

But that’s okay.  I’m still here.  And still kickin’.  I’m blessed and happy to be here to see another year!!  Tonight will be Mexican food gorging, and ice cream cake.  Because it’s all about the ice cream cake.

Now I need to go see what my seventeen year old is doing…  🙂


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Writer of romantic women's fiction. Wife, mom, and wonderwoman...without the boobs. National Bestselling Author of THE REASON IS YOU, BEFORE AND EVER SINCE, and the e-novella JUST ONE DAY. Lover of anything red.

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  1. Forty-five is going to be a great year, Sharla, with your book coming out in less than a month! What a great year for your milestone!

    I recently told my almost 15 year old that I still feel like I’m 20 and he got a good laugh. Age is a state of mind. I read in a book last night (fiction) where one of the characters said 60 was the new 40! So maybe I am still 20 and, hey–so are you!

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!

    • thank you Christy!!! Love your post about being a shy writer by the way! I commented, but then the post failed and erased everything I wrote, and I didn’t have the time to do it all again, so I wanted to tell you you’re not alone!! LOL

  2. Happy birthday you young thing! Christy’s right, age is only a number. It’s what you feel inside that counts. Those aches and pains mean you are still moving and shaking. I like to think my face tells a story–I just don’t want it to turn into a scary one! 🙂

    Enjoy your day and eat cake!

  3. Oh Sharla, you’re just a baby! That’s the cool thing about being a woman (to make up for all the things that aren’t cool about it!)

    Life picks up steam as we get older. I hit my stride at 45, and it’s only gotten better every year after that!

    Except when I look in the mirror, of course. But my eyesight is going, so even that is a good thing!

    See all the great stuff you have to look forward to? ENJOY!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Sharla. I must ditto Laura Drake, not only because we are both vintage … been there done that kind of gals … but because we both know how much more fun you have yet to enjoy.

    Not to mention, by the time you are our age, you’ll have a list of great published books to help you celebrate being a distinguished author 🙂

  5. Oh, Sharla, you are definitely a babe in the woods! And you are just now having some of your biggest dreams come to life with your books being published. You’re on a roll! Inside I still feel in my 20’s but on the outside I surely am NOT. But, no worries. As long as you don’t give in to all the cr** that some people spew that you should not being doing this at your age and you not be doing that, you’ll be okay. Do what you want to do, keep on truckin’, and you’ll be around for a looooong time. Age is most definitely a state of mind, girl.

    • Most definitely a state of mind! But I do wish most mornings as I groan and grunt my way out of bed that my mind and body would come to an agreement. LOL. Thanks, Patti!

  6. I’m with Florence and Laura … it only gets better from here, Sharla. Although I must confess, I’ve always wished our bodies could stay 20 while the rest of us aged. And it’s not because I want all the sag-free, dimple-free, tauntness back. 🙂 No, I would only want my 20 YO body again to be free of those aches and pains you’re talking about. Oh, yeah. 🙂

  7. And have a happy birthday!!!

  8. We are almost exactly 10 years apart, so imagine my “lawd, where has the time gone?”

    I sometimes see a younger woman in the mirror (or when I am not looking in the mirror) and sometimes I go , “OMG! Look at how I am aging!”

    I think about the years past and it is so strange to see them from this age – because, unless I live into my 100’s, I have already lived at least or more than half of my life – wow. So, like a big ole piece of cheesecake, I’ve finished most of it in a gulp and am trying to make the last little bit last a tiny bite at a time . . . lawd.

  9. PS – I said it on Facebook – but here’s another HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  10. AGH! Sorry I missed your birthday — hope it was a great one! And at least we’re aging (which beats the alternative). 🙂

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