Measuring Life One Inning at a Time…

I spent the weekend at a baseball tournament way north of our home and missed several things in the process including the time to write this blog! I missed a really nice St. Patrick’s Day party hosted by friends, another close
friend’s Bat mitzvah, and I haven’t had a moment alone with my husband (otherwise known as coach) in I don’t know how long.

I know these times with the kids won’t last forever and I’m cherishing them as much as I can. Is our life crazy right now? Sure is. Will these be the times I look back on and miss the most? I already know the answer to that is YES! Has my daughter grown up at the baseball field? Yep, and she can entertain herself anywhere.

Two of the three coaches on my son’s baseball team are father’s whose sons are in their twenty’s. They coached their sons all the way through middle school and then were animated spectators during the high school years. Now that their kids are off to college and beyond, they are back coaching my son’s team and loving every minute of it. It is great to have non-dad coaches and their enthusiasm and love of the game rubs off on the boys. We are having a ton of fun, even if it does interfere with normal life.

So, what about the Women Unplugged readers…what do you do now that you know you’ll miss later?  If your chicks have already flown the coop, what do you miss the most? I think I’ll be surprised by your answers!


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  1. I spend all my time at the barn! Most days I don’t mind it–especially with the great weather we are having. Show days can be long and exhausting, though. Thankfully, my daughter is appreciative of all the sacrifices her dad and I are making to allow her to do this.

    My husband is still involved in Scouting, even though our son is long gone. It’s his way of giving back to the youth in our community. I guess I’ll have to find something to do when my daughter heads to college, but for now, I enjoying spending time with my four-legged friends. Oh, and my daughter. 🙂

    • I can’t believe this weather! Yes, it was a beautiful weekend in the South to be outside. I know your barn time is both treasured and exhausting.

      Can’t forget those four-legged friends! Mine were sorely ignored this weekend, but thanks to some very generous neighbors, they did get some surrogate love!

  2. Right now, both my younger kids are on the middle school tennis team. It’s a daily after school way of delaying homework, for sure. But for this one magical year, they are doing the same thing, at the same place, at the same time. It’s never happened before and unlikely to again. The weather is lovely and I look forward to every single match. Even the ones on weekends. I’m realizing this is our golden time together.

  3. I loved this loving post, Chrisy. Mine flew the coop a while ago. I am now a grandmother. What do I miss? Reading to my son the voracious and incurable book lover. Listening to the lyrics and cord changes of songs with my music nut daughter. The movie rental marathons, the all day scabble games, the giddy girls doing way too many sleep-overs and the odd teenage boys doing D&D for days in my son’s room, and those great neighborhood
    kids who roamed our apartment in Manhattan. Enjoy it now and savor the memories later 🙂

    • I’ve already begun to miss some of the things you mention, Florence! Reading to them, playing games (they never want to), and playdates with friends. I keep telling my kids not to wish their childhood away and telling myself the same. Thanks for chiming in!

  4. Well, I already miss my son’s basketball games. He’s a senior and the season is over and he’s not allowed to play spring/summer league because he’s graduating in June. I loved going to his games and yelling and screaming and shouting. I will forever hold those games in my memories.

    • I hear you, Patti. I have friends whose kids have chosen to give up sports and they have a hard time agreeing because they love to watch them play. My son likes basketball, although he’s vertically challenged, so his years of playing are probably coming to an end. These years go by too fast!

  5. I’m between children and grandchildren. My boys are grown up and I sometimes miss the cuddles, holding them on my lap while we read, and scattering all the lego pieces on the floor to build the architectural wonders in our imaginations. I miss baseball, soccer and hockey games, and school and church concerts. But now we get to relate to them as adults, which is a really cool exchange. Our children grow up and life evolves. 🙂

  6. I’m getting small glimpses of them as adults, Sheila, and you are right, that will be really cool. Thanks for helping me keep my eye on my blessings by looking forward and not back.

  7. My life is definitely measured in time according to my children and their achievements. Yes, mine count too, but I’ll still have my writing after they move on. I won’t have them.

    Not in my hot little hands, anyway! So bring on the sports and speeches and after school activities — I’m ready. 🙂

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