Your worst date…ever… LOL!!

We’ve all had them.  We may be all settled in and comfy now…

but once upon a time we weren’t.  And there are many many ways for a date to go terrrrrrribly wrong.  Sometimes it’s the situation–the location-

…the ambiance.


Sometimes it’s the guy.


Sometimes it may all LOOK good,

but it’s that creep factor that worms under your skin telling you that maybe you need to accidentally get that phone call.


LOL — mine was when I was 17.  I’ll tell you mine when you tell me yours… 🙂



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  1. So weird you should write this, Sharla – I just blogged on the exact same title last week! Here’s mine…

  2. I’d been with my boyfriend for seven years, we agreed I’m move from my home to Southern California to be with him, then he promptly dumped me! He was a commitment-phobe and I knew it, so I shouldn’t have been surprised! Found out he got married not too many years later and I looked him up a couple months ago and guess what? Of course, he’s divorced. Duh! Glad I didn’t go that route!

  3. All the bad dates led me straight to my hero and best friend, so it was all worth it!

  4. Worst date ever … When I asked one guy to the Sadie Hawkins dance because he was a friend of my girlfriends’ boyfriends but in truth, I had this huge crush on another guy … Who never talked to me again!

  5. It had to be college formal. My date showed up plastered. He was wearing ugly plaid pants, too! I burned the picture.

  6. I love yall’s dates!! Especially the plaid pants! LOL! Mine was an older guy I’d met…somewhere I probably wasn’t supposed to be…but he seemed very nice, was very gentlemanly when he picked me up. My mom was impressed.

    Then before we went out to eat, we stopped by his friend’s house so he could “pick up something”. The “It’s okay, she’s cool,” at the door should have been an alarm, but it wasn’t. Turns out after we were there for a while and I was fairly buzzed on beer, he decided to bring me in a back room and open a drawer showing every drug known to man all sorted out in little sections. He was a drug dealer and thought since he ‘liked me so much’ he wanted to come clean. On a first date. Long story short, I smiled and said prayers and tried to pull off “cool” so the six other people there wouldn’t kill me. Never returned any phone calls after that, and my mom just couldn’t understand it. “He seemed so nice,” she’d say. Oh lord. 🙂

  7. Middle school prom. I was so in love with a boy named Tony and elated he asked me to the dance. But by the time my big evening came, I was dreading the night. Not only was I over him (I had a lot of “quickie” crushes), I was three inches taller than him in heels!


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