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$$ Dreaming Big $$

Have you got yours yet?  No, I’m not talking about tickets to the Hunger Games.  I’m talking Mega Millions, baby.  Tonight could be the night this country’s largest every lottery jackpot is paid out.  As of yesterday, the jackpot stood at $540 million—or a measly $389 million if you pick the cash option.  Either way, it will be history making and life changing for the winner or winners.

I’m not a regular lottery player.  Occasionally, I’ll pick up some scratch off tickets as gifts for the hard to buy for uncle, cousin, or my husband.  But, I’m only willing to throw away $10 on the lotto when the jackpot reaches a ridiculous level.   After all, the odds of winning are about one in 175 million.  I’m not sure, but I think the odds might be even less if you actually know someone who’s won the lottery, which I do.  A close college friend.  Of course, another close friend from college was struck by lightning which just goes to show we were probability busters. 🙂

The ten dollars I spent on tickets isn’t too much of a waste, though.  It has provided my daughter and me with endless entertainment spending our imaginary cha-ching.  My 14-year-old isn’t too greedy.  She just wants to buy a $13 million horse farm and, maybe, to hire someone to clean her room. She’ll clean her own stall, thank you.

What would I do with all that cash?  Well, I’m pretty keen on my daughter’s plan for the room cleaner.  Except I’d like him or her to clean the whole house.  Every day.  In fact, I’d probably have multiple houses that need cleaning.  And I’d travel.  All over.  My friends would have to come, too, so I’d have someone to hang out with.  I’d also probably buy a really nice car.   And, someone to drive me in the dark.

The best part of having all that money would be giving it away.  I know some children in Haiti who’d get first dibs. A nursing home in Maryland would be next.  The Interstitial Cystitis Association would never have to pander to Congress for research funding.  It would be a full-time job just donating the money to worthy causes.  Hmm…probably have to hire someone for that.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

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