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The Lost Art of Personal Responsibility

I try to do light posts, I really do. It seems as though when my blog day rolls around I’m in the midst of some drama that I can’t shake and I end up writing about it here on the blog. So I apologize for being Debbie Downer.

I’ve become very discouraged by society’s lack of personal responsibility. Sometimes when things go wrong, the first place we should look for blame is in the mirror. Lately, however, this is the last place anyone looks when searching for answers.

Accidents happen. I get that. People make mistakes. I’m the queen of making mistakes. This isn’t a dig on people being human, but when mistakes are made—either intentional or unintentional—it sure would be great to hear someone (anyone!) take responsibility.

This rant covers all of us: from our politicians to our leaders in all walks of life to parents and to children. Taking responsibility for our actions used to be expected. It used to be applauded by society. Now, it’s a dying art, a wistful yearning for the olden days. I, for one, wish it would make a resurgence. We’d all be better off.

Okay, I’m off my high horse and I actually feel better, even though I’ve depressed our readers (sorry). Obviously, when I’m feeling down, writing out my issues makes me feel better. What about you? How do you cope when life lets you down?

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