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Organization 101

Ever tried to organize a large group of people for an event or outing?  Like hunting for Easter eggs (or hiding them!), it can be a lot of work.  The kids searched and searched and still we have 3 missing!  But I’m sure they’ll turn up somewhere this week—falling out of trees, found via the ant trail leading to their sweet hidden treasure.  Good news is they’re all plastic, so no odorous mess to deal with after the fact!

But today begins my Authors in Bloom Spring Blog Hop which has been quite a lesson in organization for me.  It’s an exciting venture and one that required lots of communication.  Now I’ve organized Girl Scouts and cookie sales, kids and garden lessons but authors?  This is my first time and I’m happy to report—all is well!  Thanks in large part to participant enthusiasm and my oh-so-adored excel program.  I love it!  It’s definitely my secret weapon when it comes to planning—anything from blog tours to blog hops, cookie sales to garden beds—excel is my go-to program.

Especially because it allows me to color coordinate people, cookie flavors, paid/unpaid, signed in/signed out…  Well, you get the picture.   Better yet, it adds and subtracts for me which comes in handy with most endeavors I find myself wrapped up in!  And when you have great organization skills, computer tools or fabulous virtual assistance (thank you, Tiffany!), the final product can be downright satisfying.  Now mind you, we have 10 days to go for this blog hop filled with gardening tips and recipes, but I have high hopes for a wonderful outcome.

How could I not with such a great start?  How about you?  What’s your secret to organizational success?  And if you’re interested in some gardening tips or new recipes, be sure to join me this week!  Along with tons of great prizes to be had along the way…

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