I want to be the Grasshopper…

It’s been a month of crazy for me, how about you?  LOL. 

April 3rd was the release of my debut novel THE REASON IS YOU, I had guest authors giving away books, a blog tour kicked off, a cover reveal for BEFORE AND EVER SINCE, and now I’m trying to pull my brain back together.  Between promoting REASON, working my day job, and this weekend’s spiritual retreat, I feel very stretched….

Ever feel like that?   I probably really need that retreat.  LOL!!

But it’s all been good.  I’m very blessed.  And in looking back on past posts over the last six months, I’ve noticed a large trend of anxiety and harried stressed posts on my part.  Hmmm, not sure I’m happy about that.  🙂  Clearly, I need to find a calmness. 

I think I would find that in a maid.

You see, other than cloning, which probably wouldn’t be reasonable…and quitting the day job, which wouldn’t be possible…  a maid that would have my house clean and sparkly when I get home from the day job…would be like Xanadu to me.

Do you hear the music?  I can’t even imagine.

Being able to just come home and sit down to write, while looking around inhaling “clean”.

*sound of record scratching*

Okay, back to reality.  But on the upside, when I post again in two weeks sans retreat… I should be full of peace and love and serenity.  Till then, grasshopper…


About Sharla Lovelace

Writer of romantic women's fiction. Wife, mom, and wonderwoman...without the boobs. National Bestselling Author of THE REASON IS YOU, BEFORE AND EVER SINCE, and the e-novella JUST ONE DAY. Lover of anything red.

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  1. I’m with you girl! I really want a Sven (that burly, blonde Scandinavian guy from the commercial a few years back) or, better yet, Mary Poppins. That would be awesome.

    Can’t wait to read your book!

  2. I love your new cover, Sharla! So thrilled with your success. Don’t get so stressed you forget to celebrate this HUGE accomplishment. Have a great time on your retreat!

  3. Sharla, this has been a wonderful time and a retreat is in good order. It will bring you back to your center and you will come back refreshed. After all is said and done, you have made that journey from hopeful to realized and each new step along the way can only add to your joy and a career as a successful writer 🙂

  4. The retreat will help you regroup, never fear, Sharla. I can’t wait to be where you are – even though I know it will be insane!
    My friends hounded me for years to get someone in to clean my house. I’m too cheap. Oh, and there’s my Mom’s voice in the back of my head, too…. I finally broke down last year, and brought someone in every other week.

    I cannot believe what a difference it’s made. Not only is she doing a better job than I was (begrudging does not make for a clean house) but the gift of time is PRICELESS!

    Do it!

  5. I think it’s obvious that all of us would love to have a maid – just to make those guilty thoughts go away, right? I’ve learned to let that “need” go because house cleaning has always been at the bottom of my to-do list anyway. I have much more fun writing and reading than cleaning. Oh, and my daughter gets paid an allowance for folding the wash and cleaning the bathrooms, etc…so I guess I DO have a maid!

  6. Sharla, I vote you get the housecleaner!

    My husband is not normally cheap, but every time I mention housekeeper, he swears he’ll do all the housework himself before he ever agrees to hiring someone to do our housework. Needless to say, there’s been plenty of times when he’s had to do the bulk — or all — of the vacuuming, dusting, etc. 🙂

  7. Hopefully you’ll look back on these days as some of the most EXCITING in your career! WTG and good luck with your future prospects (especially finding a good housekeeper).

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