I want to be as good a person as my dog thinks I am…

My best friend in Dallas lost one of her best friends this week.  Her sweet dog, Roxie had to be put down because of a bleeding tumor that was causing her to go down fast, and with alot of pain.   My friend is struggling with Roxie’s absence, and it got me thinking about our furry family members and how important they are in our lives.  So I thought I’d do a little tribute to them, and invite you to do the same with yours.

Here is Roxie in better days, and what a sweetheart she was…

They have another dog, a golden retriever, Gracie, who is blissfully ignorant about most things in life…lol…but is also full of sweetness and love and thinks she’s a lapdog.  And also thinks she belongs on a pool float with a drink…

Here’s my old lady dog, Ruby, who lives for Sonic runs so that she can snatch tater tots.


So tell me about your babies!!!!   

And dear sweet Roxie…I will miss you dearly.  Hope you’re having fun up there with Josie and Honey.  

RIP sweet girl.


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  1. No fair making me cry at 3 am! Amazing how they settle in, under our skin, isn’t it?

    I’m a cat person — the most recent I liberated from the pound is Harlie – a tortie who fetches crumpled sheets of paper, and turns my harda$$ Texan husband into a baby-talking love-puddle.

  2. My dog, Jetta, is now an old-lady. I am dreading the day when I’ll have to say goodbye. Until then, she lives the life of luxury with lots of love–and a few mislaid bagels now and then. 🙂

  3. I feel your friends pain! Sunday night we lost my Mom’s dog Dusty… She had turned 14 yrs old a couple of weeks ago. For a big dog she lived a long life! But… this is the dog that had my son saying his first word… oh no… he didn’t start with Mama… lol his first word… Dutty… which stayed with her for the rest of her life! Dutty Girl… we got Dusty for Mom when I was 8 months pregnant with my son…. because when I was 7 months my Mom was up in her old town German Valley for German Days or something that the town does… I couldn’t fly and stayed home… well we lost my Mom’s dog Sam… I’m big as a house on my knees trying to help her 11yr old dog… I waddled to my next door neighbors house for help… they weren’t home… I’m bawling… cause I knew he died on me… so I tried calling Mom… couldn’t get her so I end up calling her best friend(who was also a Cop) she tells me she’ll be on her way and she’s sending EMS and Animal control… because I’m useless due to being pregnant lol and my blood pressure had been an issue… they all get there and get me calmed down… hove me oxygen and watch my bp… thing is… last time my Mom had gone up to Illinois her dog had died… lol we can laugh about it all now, but I will never forget it! After my son was born I ended up having to put my 17yr old Schipperke Midnight to sleep… he was my first dog that I got from my Grandma when I was 4… he was the runt and was sick so he had a tail(which they normally are docked) I always remember my Grandma telling me she was gonna take him back so she can show him… she never did, but man she regretted not showing him! Lol he was Champion material! I also remember taking him to shows… everyone loved him!!! And the tail?!? OMG so cute!! We’ve always had dogs and cats… it’s never easy losing one… or having to put one down… one of the best dogs I ever had was Diablo… he was 1/2 Rott, 1/4 Shepherd and 1/4 Wolf… I had to put him down the day before his 2 yr Bday… due to a massive infection in his stomach from we think started from a Nylabone my Mom had given him. He had weighed 80lbs but in less then a month dropped 40 lbs… they didn’t think he’d make it through exploratory surgery because he weighed 39 lbs… and I couldn’t put him through it… he was awesome tho… he’d jump the fence and come to the front door if ya didn’t get him in the house quick enough! Lol the first time he jumped out of the truck before I could grab his leash about flipped me out! I figured I’d be chasing him, but no!! He ran straight for the front door and just sat there while I got my son out of the truck! It’s been 12 yrs… and I miss him still! Pets are a large part of our lives… always will be! It’s hard losing them… but I can’t imagine never having them at all!

  4. Laughing at Amanda’s story, though I know it wasn’t funny at the time. Don’t get me started on doggy pals and putting them to sleep. Can’t go there. But I sure can say I feel your friend’s pain, Sharla. My two dogs’ birthdays are this week. Annabella was 7 yesterday and her son, Jack, will be 5 this Friday. And with each year I know neither of them will live to see 12. Maybe they’ll prove me wrong. I hope so.

  5. I don’t have any pets but was around when my sister had to put down her dog. Very sad. So to all you pet owners out there, I understand how much your pets become a part of your family and my heart breaks for you every time you lose a pet. God bless them all.

  6. Oh our friends. I still, near three years later, miss my old girl Kayla. She was the only dog I’ve had from tiny puppy to old dog. She had a huge tumor, cancer, in her spleen that was not caught by our (ex)veterinarian. She went down fast and had to be put down in surgery – the cancer had already spread to too many organs. I cried so hard I thought I’d fall flat on the ground without any moisture left in my body.

    She was a good old girl.

  7. They poke at our hearts, push their way into our life and settle in to give us unconditional love and affection. Have had both dogs and cats. Have lost them. Each holds a special place in my heart and each one was unique and is missed. Thanks for this lovely post … the photos are great 🙂

  8. The first two dogs I had on my own as an adult, Hershey and Zach, were my children. They were litter mates and I truly loved them as much as I love my daughter and son now. When a pet dies, it kills a part of us inside. It still hurts when I think of losing my babies, both of whom lived long and gloriously happy lives.

    It’s tough. But I won’t trade the joy we shared for anything. They brought out the best in me, reflected the best in me. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that DOG spelled backward is GOD.

  9. How on Earth did this blog get past me!!!!!! I’ve been in a terrible heartbroken fog all week with the loss of my sweet girl Roxy! You are so sweet to blog about her and share how wonderful she was…it warms my heart more than I can say!!!!! Poor blissfully ignorant Gracie was depressed for a few days, but seems to have forgotten what she was depressed about…ignorance is indeed bliss at times like this. She makes us laugh and we are so grateful for her!!!! I love you,Sharla! Thank you for honoring my sweet girl! Nobody rubbed her ears like you did!!!!!!!! xoxo

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