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Do Unto Others?

I just finished reading Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning for the second time.  I recall reading it in college and I enjoyed it then as well. Frankl was in a Nazi concentration camp for four years and this book (in a ridiculous nutshell) is about how, even in the middle of such horrendous suffering, having a positive attitude can get you through anything.

So what happened to me today pales in comparison.  I didn’t lose my family or my friends or my life in a concentration camp.  I lost my iPhone.  So, after having just read that book, losing an iPhone is no big deal.  So what, right?  Who cares?

What bums me out is the fact that no one turned it in when s/he found it.  I know darn well that whoever picked up my beautiful iPhone 4S on the street said, “Oh My Gawd I found an iPhone!” and quickly took out the Sim card and is using it as we speak.  And that makes me so sad.

When my husband brought home a MacBook Pro that he found on the street we quickly looked through it and found the owner. When I walked up to my Wells Fargo ATM machine and found a stack of bills that the previous customer forgot to take out, I ran after him and gave his money to him.

If whoever found my iPhone would think about how SHE or HE would feel if it happened to them, what would they have done?

Whatever happened to “do unto others”.  I’m bummed about THAT more than about the darn phone.  Really….

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