Do Unto Others?

I just finished reading Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning for the second time.  I recall reading it in college and I enjoyed it then as well. Frankl was in a Nazi concentration camp for four years and this book (in a ridiculous nutshell) is about how, even in the middle of such horrendous suffering, having a positive attitude can get you through anything.

So what happened to me today pales in comparison.  I didn’t lose my family or my friends or my life in a concentration camp.  I lost my iPhone.  So, after having just read that book, losing an iPhone is no big deal.  So what, right?  Who cares?

What bums me out is the fact that no one turned it in when s/he found it.  I know darn well that whoever picked up my beautiful iPhone 4S on the street said, “Oh My Gawd I found an iPhone!” and quickly took out the Sim card and is using it as we speak.  And that makes me so sad.

When my husband brought home a MacBook Pro that he found on the street we quickly looked through it and found the owner. When I walked up to my Wells Fargo ATM machine and found a stack of bills that the previous customer forgot to take out, I ran after him and gave his money to him.

If whoever found my iPhone would think about how SHE or HE would feel if it happened to them, what would they have done?

Whatever happened to “do unto others”.  I’m bummed about THAT more than about the darn phone.  Really….


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  1. I can so relate. I can’t tell you how many people I know who have lost their phones. I, for one, try and return anything I find.

  2. sharonledwith

    Remember Patricia, we all reap what we sow. Whoever found your iPhone, and is keeping it, will definitely have karma tossed their way. But for fun, ask Saint Anthony to help you find it. His energy has never let me down – ever! And don’t forget to thank him after asking! Try it, sounds like you need a miracle about now! Cheers!

    • I do SO believe in Kharma and that what goes around comes around. Not that I wish anyone ill, because I don’t. But I feel good knowing that if I found an iPhone, that person would have it back.

  3. tropicalcoffeebreak

    Hi Patricia:

    I lost my iPhone a couple of years ago, so I sympathize. What a HUGE pain.

    I wanted to share an idea. When I got my new iphone, I made my opening screen read…”If found please contact me (my name) at (xxx) yyy-zzzz. I also added something about how I’d give a reward and their karma would be stellar for their remaining days.

    Just an idea.

    Hopefully it’s found by the time you get this comment.

    • Hey Kristi! Thanks for your story. That’s a good idea about putting some sort of identification on your phone if someone finds it. They also have an app that’s called “find my iPhone” which I installed as well.

  4. hubby accidentally turned in cash with a deposit at the bank. Guess what? They cant find it. He tries to shrug, but it bothers him a lot. We hate to think that teller is handling our money.
    Emma Lane

    • It bothered me a LOT yesterday and made me lose faith in the honorability (is that a word?) of people in general, but I’m okay today and am moving forward.
      Hey, Emma, I bought your book yesterday and started reading it last night on my Nook!

  5. My bank’s ATM machine recently spit out a $20 dollar bill instead of the $10 I asked for. I took my car around to the drive-through, informed the bank employee, and returned the extra $10. You would have thought I went into a flaming building and rescued a toddler for all the gushing thanks I got. It was very nice of them to commend me, but I thought that’s just what people do. You get something that isn’t yours? You return it. No big deal.

    I agree that “do unto others” still makes great sense, Patti.

  6. I was on vacation one time and had walked out to the beach. Off to the side was a grassy area. As I was walking back to the car, I heard a phone ringng. Found it in the very tall grass. (Of course with my imagination, I kept thinking I was going to find a dead arm attached. LOL) Anyway, I called the number back. It was a friend of the guy that owned it and they were calling to try to locate it. I took it by the police station and left it for them there. I’m sorry someone didn’t do the same for you. Sharon’s right though — Karma’s a b**ch. 🙂

  7. Patti, with all the good karma here today, your phone will surely turn up in the next few days. Perhaps the person who found it is still trying to figure out who it belongs to. There are still many people out there who are not techno savy and would have difficulty turning on the phone, let alone trying to find any personal info within. I don’t have any recent lost & found stories to share, so I’ll just send some good karma your way and hope you find it!

  8. I’m sticking with you guys. Someone who would take something, or find something, and not attempt to give it back doesn’t think or feel anything but entitlement. A sorry state. A phone is a better thing to lose than your self respect, which those people must have lost long ago.

  9. Oh, Patti, that’s just the pits. We know what’s right deep inside us. Keep on passing forward. The reward is doing it. ox

    • Yeah, Vicki, I know about what’s right and hold that up as my standard. Not everyone is going to believe that way and I think a lot of this is the “me-me” thing going on. I’m more “do for others”….

  10. I see from the comments you had find my iPhone installed. So I’m guessing you got into the program and found that whoever got your phone had removed the SIM card? Ugh. Just ugh.

    If you didn’t log into the program via your computer after losing the iPhone, here are some instructions on using Find My iPhone from your computer:

    Sorry you lost your phone. What an expensive thing to lose!

    As for people being dishonest, I find it is more the rule than the exception.

    My experience with this takes place at a local Walmart. The cashier struck up a conversation with me and I carelessly left about half my purchases behind. I realized it as soon as I got out to my truck. I went straight back in with my receipt and everything, and they basically said the stuff was gone and blew me off. It infuriated me. I didn’t shop at that Walmart for a year or two.

    • I cannot and I mean CANNOT believe what happened to you at Walmart. Knowing what I know about you thus far, I picture you going to the Manager and insisting something be done. Though I think many times going to the top is wasted time….

  11. Patti, so sorry about your phone! I’m always panicked it will happen to me. Hopefully, someone will do the right thing and it will turn up. 🙂

    • Well, Tracy, that’s what everyone told me and advised me to wait. Between you and me and anyone who’s reading this, I already bought myself another one and am moving on because I know no one is going to turn it in. It would be a miracle that i don’t believe in.

  12. Don’t worry. This too shall come back to reward you! Just may not be this incidence. 😦

  13. I’m a believer in that same philosophy. And sometimes my inherent belief in the good in people actually works out. Not as often as I’d like, but enough to keep me expecting that behavior.

    Have a great weekend, Patti.

    • Thanks for commenting, Casey. My belief in the goodness of human nature is oft times very challenged by what I see and hear. However, I have not given up on knowing that what goes round, comes round. Patti

  14. Patti,
    I’m so sorry that happened to you — not just the loss of the phone but the shaken faith in the goodness of humanity. I know (really know) that there are still a lot of good people out there. People who DO return items they find if it’s at all possible to do so. My husband has excellent eyesight and has turned in many wallets, IDs credit cards, etc., and even my son and I have found a few things, too. I wish everyone were that way, but the people who are will continue to recognize and appreciate that quality in you. Most of the time, I think we need to try to continue to do the right thing not because others will also but just because it’s makes us happier personally when we do. The best revenge is not being like that ;).

  15. I don’t have a phone to lose. I use my land line phone when I want to talk to friends and family. Saves a lot of angst! Try it… very retro!

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