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From a war zone to beauty

We recently underwent a remodel at our house.  Eeek, you say?

Yeah, I say that too.  We do alot of that, and because my husband is a carpenter superstar…we do it ourselves.

We’ve done the bathroom, our bedroom, our daughter’s new bedroom after my son moved out, and last year…the kitchen and dining area.  That one was a major overhaul, because we gutted it, floors, walls, and ceiling.  A sixty year old house has “things” in its sixty year old walls that you don’t necessarily want to see.  But it all came out good.

The last things we had to do was the hallway and the living room.

Our living room was dinky tiny.  A dark cramped place we spent no time in…it was really just a portal to get to the rest of the house. 

After my son moved out, and we decided to move my daughter over to the “bigger” room, it was time to take on that living room.  Which meant knocking out the wall between that room and her old little one, to give us a good sized living room we could enjoy as a family.






Everyone had jobs…  🙂  










It was a work in progress… we had to resheetrock some places left from the missing wall, tape and float and texture the whole room… I was the stomper 😉

Then we had to fill in the hole in the hardwood floor left by the wall.  Then decide how to cover it, because we’d never be able to match up the original floor.  So my husband stripped and sanded the side we kept wood.  And we picked out carpet for the new side, arching it to cover the filled in hole.

And I asked for one thing.  Something I always wanted… a




Here’s the carpet and newly stripped and varnished floor…

(and red wall…squee!!!)

Add some furniture…

End tables and lamps…

And that’s where we are.  Still nothing on the walls yet, as I have to make a Kirklands run, but we love our room and I have my writing space back!  That end of the couch and end table up there????  That’s where I write.

So what about your living space?  Any good remodeling stories?


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