Vacation Update

Okay, we survived vacation.  Hip, hip, hooray!  Though my son was lucky to make it home alive, what with his sassy tone and grumpy disposition at being awakened to leave at the crack fo dawn for our return departure.  Sheesh, there’s no pleasing kids these days!  Grumpy to rise, bored the second a minute passes without fun-filled action and distraction.  I couldn’t have entertained them better if I tried.  We went tubing and fishing, hiking and horse-back riding–we even stopped at Stone Mountain Ga on the way up for a break in the drive.

A beautiful place that is, especially when you arrive post thunderstorm and the park is cleared of clouds and people upon your arrival.  LOVE that.  While there we treated ourselves to a few Southern gourmet delights like fried okra and catfish, collards and corn bread, chicken and dumplings and of course no meal would be complete without a pint or two of sweet tea!  Mmm…that was some good food.  Bad for you, but mighty tasty!

We also visited the Chattanooga Aquarium for a change of scenery.  Very cool place that I’d highly recommend visiting if you’re in the area.  Not only neat marine life-like these upside down jellyfish, but it’s located on the river and the weekend we visited, their infamous River Bend concert series was gearing up to begin a week-long celebration of music and fun.

Next up was a stop at Ruby Falls.  Deep in the limestone below Chattanooga, lights lit up the falls to our delight.  It was a half hour in and a half hour out (which I wished I knew ahead of time–comfort value and all) traveling caverns lined with stalactites, stalagmites, helictites and more.  All sounded Greek to me, but it sure did look interesting.  We also included a brief jaunt through Rock City, much to my kids’ delight.  This is the one place they did not want to leave!

My friend relayed a story from when she visited with her family as a child.  Seems while walking through one of the more narrow passageways in the rock garden, her father became stuck.  Yes, stuck, much to her mother’s horror and embarrassment.  For an hour he couldn’t move forward or back.  She doesn’t recall how he ultimately freed himself (probably blocked it out, repression and all), but he did.

This is the scene of the crime, affectionately referred to by the park as “Fat Man’s Squeeze.”  Needless to say, I passed through with extra caution, not entirely trusting my feminine curves to the clutches of these vicious rocks.


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  1. What a great tour of your vacation! And, man, can I relate to your experience with your kids. My kids need to be electronically stimulated 24/7/365 or they’re bored. I loved the story of the “squeeze” which actually sounds scary, and the falls were beautiful. Sounds like you had many memorable experiences and lots of great pictures too.

  2. Dianne, thanks for the recap! I have lived in the Atlanta area for six years now and have not been to Rock City and Ruby Falls. My niece is coming to visit next month and we’ve the border area on our list of things to see while she’s here.:)

  3. Welcome back, Dianne! Those are beautiful pictures. I would love to visit the area someday and see up-close-and-personal all that beautiful scenery. 🙂

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