Celebrating the Olympics

This week I’m celebrating the Olympics–Summer & Special–with the release of my latest novel WHISPER PRIVILEGES. Official release date is August 8th!

Miami, Florida is the venue for the Special Olympics National Games and Clay Rutledge’s son is competing in the games. A sure bet to win the gold, father and son plan to ride their tropical victory to the World Games—until an unexpected turn of events jeopardizes their plans for fortune and fame.

Tasked with managing the events, Sydney quickly learns that Clay’s quiet, sexy confidence demands special attention, something she’s more than willing to oblige.  But a jealous ex-lover of a boss has other plans, as does her office nemesis.

Trapped between a desire to mix business with pleasure and a boy who reminds her of a life she swore to move beyond, Sydney is at a personal crossroads.  She can have career or love—but to attain both requires a consent she yearns to give but fears impossible…

**Don’t be fooled by the venue, this one’s a passionate chase!!

Not only am I hosting a special giveaway for the events, I’m donating $1 to the Special Olympics for every comment/entry received.  And if that’s not enough excitement, I’m also making available my award-winning JENNIFER’S GARDEN — FREE — for 2 weeks only! Full details can be found at my website: www.diannevenetta.com

So grab a free copy of the first novel in my series, culminating with the current release WHISPER PRIVILEGES and help the Special Olympics at the same time.  I do love win-win!

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  1. Wow! Am I the first to comment? Cool. Your book sounds great, Dianne, and I’m going to go to the site and check out your free offer. Congratulations on your second book release!

  2. Congratulations,Diane! I am a huge fan of the Special Olympics and all that organization encompasses. I’ll definitely check out the book when it’s released next week. 🙂

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