The End of Summer

For our family, this week is the official last week of summer. I frankly can’t believe it is August and the summer is almost over. It seems the older my kids get, the busier we are and the shorter summer becomes. While I’m ready to get back into some semblance of a routine, here are a few things I have enjoyed about this summer:

Snickers at Lake with Friends

Snickers at Lake with Friends

1. House full of kids. We’ve had an unusually high amount of sleepovers at our house this summer. From teenaged boys crashed in the basement after hours of ping-pong and video games to girls dancing overhead in my daughter’s room. I love that the kids gather at our house, even though it means I’m usually low on food and never seem to know what day of the week it is. I hope next summer is exactly the same.

2. A weeklong family vacation. We spent a week, just the four of us, in Colorado this summer. It’s not often that we go away just as a family and I love our time together. The kids get along because they don’t have anyone else to talk to. My kids count the years until we don’t have to do this again, while my husband and I tearfully count how few years are left of having the kids under our roof.

Hershey at Lake with Friends

Hershey at Lake with Friends

3. Group vacations. We took several multi-family vacations this year. From our baseball tournament in Florida to our week at the lake with friends and several weekend hops, we have spent a lot of time in the company of our dear friends. The kids enjoy traveling with friends and there’s nothing better than sharing memories with others.

I had hoped to get a lot of work accomplished this summer, but I can’t seem to finish a thought, much less a manuscript. I hope your summer has been as wonderful and not as hectic as mine. If you have a moment, I’d love to hear about your summer, too.


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  1. Christy, it sounds like your summer has been wonderful. These moments with our children are so important and precious because it seems like in a flash, they’re gone. Even though you didn’t get much (or any?) writing done, you’ll be back at it before you know it … and longing for that summer fun once again.

    • I’m sure a week into school and I’ll be longing for our hectic summer fun all over again. I am looking forward to the writing!!

  2. Your life sounds a lot like mine! Wonderful. And too quick, too short. Hold onto them while you can!

  3. We’re on vacation near Santa Barbara right now! The kids were not getting along when we arrived yesterday. My son (18) was torturing his little (13) sister! AACH. My sister couldn’t even believe I got my son to come with us, but it was never an issue. He’s a part of the family, lives at home, so he goes. He’s bored but I didn’t give him a choice.
    Everyone hangs out at our house as well, and I love that. And we, too, get really low on food. But hey, it’s worth it.

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