The Middle of Summer

While Christy faces The End of Summer, up on the Canadian prairies, we’re smack in the middle of our summer season. And it’s been a hot, humid summer with temperatures close to 90 degrees F (30 C).

I know. Some of you are laughing at me right now. But to this Canadian, the 90 degree temperature is as bad as minus 40 in the middle of a winter blizzard.

This year on Seabrook’s pond, there’s no time to dilly-dally and hide from the heat. We decided to spruce up our duck pond by adding a fountain.

Except we discovered the trees we’d planted 19 years ago blocked our view, so we needed to move them. The man with his head in the tree mover is my husband. His self-assigned job was to ensure no branches were lost in the process.

Then we figured we needed a viewing area, somewhere closer to the pond than our back deck, a place we could sit and watch the ducks and their ducklings without frightening them into their hiding spot in the trees. We filled in the tree holes, built a wooden border, and started digging.

The plan had grown from installing the fountain and moving two trees to visions of flowerbeds, benches, and a tiny gardening shed surrounded by cedars and shrubs.

Sometimes in the middle of summer, when the temperature and humidity are soaring, and I’m standing on the top of a ladder sweating my butt off, I really miss winter.

So what do you dislike most about your favorite season that makes you long for the days of your least-liked season?


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  1. Great post, Sheila, and wonderful pictures! I hate to be cold, but sometimes in the middle of summer, I, too, wish for winter. You’d never survive a Georgia summer!

  2. Such gorgeous pictures of your land! I wish! No one in Alameda has that much land. Being a man-made island, we’re lucky to have a decent-size backyard!
    I hate the heat and would absolutely die in 90 degree weather. But I hate the cold as well. That’s why we live across the bay from San Francisco. The climate is mellow and never drastic in either direction. But then we have to contend with higher prices than any normal person would want to spend for literally everything. I wish we could move somewhere with moderate climate where we could have more land, like you do, but I don’t know where that would be. Any suggestions?

    • I have no suggestions for you, Patti, because I think your area would be heaven. Every time you post pictures, I wish I could transport myself to your island and stay there for the rest of my life. 🙂

  3. Your property is gorgeous, Sheila! I hear ya, but no matter how hot and humid summer is, I never wish for winter. The snow is pretty if you’re looking through the window of your cozy fireplace-lit living room, but I hate the cold, the mess and the danger of driving and walking on ice. We’re looking into moving south from NY to North Carolina. More humid than here, but not as bad as Florida. Nicer springtime and fall, too.

    • I only wish for winter when our summer gets too hot, Marcia. 🙂 North Carolina would be a beautiful spot to live in. I love seeing pictures of that area and for my sake (lol!), I hope you get to move there so you’ll post some on your blog.

  4. Sheila,
    Your yard is beautiful! When can I come visit? 😉 By August, I am pretty much done with the heat and humidity and wishing for cooler temps. BUT, I hate to give up the long hours of daylight summer brings. Winter is dark and I am house bound even if the weather is mild because I can’t drive in low light.

    • Tracy, you need to come in the middle of June and experience our long, long summer days. We have daylight from about 4:00am to almost 11:00pm. It’s amazing. 🙂

  5. what a lovely property Sheila. how lucky for you to live in such a beautiful area. i would never get all that yard work done…LOL

  6. I hate Houston’s hot, humid summers, but the winters are great. If I had to ID one peeve about the winter here, it’s that the lead-up to Christmas has swallowed Thanksgiving. I don’t want to hear Christmas music or see decorations and lights before December 1. There oughtta be a law.

    Love the fountain, Sheila, and the new vision.

    • I agree, Pat, no signs of Christmas till December. Since our Thanksgiving is around Oct 11th, we have a long breat between the two holidays, but as soon as Thanksgiving is over, we’re being hammered with Christmas commercials.

  7. Your stretch of land is gorgeous! When are you having us all over? LOL! Honestly, I’m not crazy about the overly hot days that have me hiding from the heat and cranking the air so that it works over time. I know will be paying big time when the electric bill comes. Ugh!

    I’ve never seen trees moved, although I know it can be done. Thanks for sharing all the fantastic pictures with us.

    • Debra, I even took videos of the tree mover moving the trees. I haven’t downloaded them yet, but it was really cool to watch.

      Come on by. It’s an open invitation. Or, you know, send Thor. 🙂

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