Tabula Rasa

I’m gearing up for the kids to go back to school in a few weeks and I want to start writing another book.  But, just like last year, I’m coming up blank.  My mind feels like a tabula rasa.  An empty slate.  Idealess.

What to do?

Every writer has a way to come up with new ideas for books.  Me, not so much.  I don’t know how or why the ideas entered my mind for the four novels I’ve written.  It was more of a lightening strike than anything that I “did”.  The ideas came to me totally out of the blue.

Now I’m trying to figure out what to write again and nothing is coming to mind.  Maybe I should read the Stephen King book on writing that I bought several months back that’s languishing on my table.  Perhaps that will give me the inspiration I’m looking for.

But I know there’s a ton of advice out there for me and I’ve read a lot of it, I’m sure.  But right now I’m drawing a blank about that as well.

A little help needed please….


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  1. LOL! Those idea-gods are a pain in the neck, very uncooperative most of the time, and when they do throw down something to us, it’s usually at a most inconvenient moment. Sit back and relax, Patti. Take yourself on a nice long walk on the beach. Go shopping. Or if you like to create things with your hands, do a craft. Watch a movie. Read some books. And then, BAMMM, something will twig and you’ll be off!

  2. Superb advice, Sheila. And doing those things is fun, no matter what happens!!

  3. Have you ever played with word clusters? Ask yourself questions like “What scares me?” “What do I love?” “What do I hate?” and do word clusters for each question. You might come up with something worth keeping.

  4. Patti – I dislike writing when I have no idea where I’m going but I remember once – not sure where – an instructor had us write down 5 names and then give the 5 names personalities, etc. From there – the characters were to start interacting. I can’t say I had great success – but it was amazing what some came up with in the class.

  5. Hi Patti – Absolutely read King’s On Writing! For real inspiration, you simply can’t do better. Worked for me big time! Go girl… do the beach and shopping, do Sheri’s exercise and read King. You’ll be so motivated the characters won’t let you stop!

  6. For a short story I wrote, I looked online for story ideas and shock of all shocks, I got one a spark of an idea that led to the story. I know the feeling and wish you well!

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