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Where Characters Come Alive

Went to Miami this weekend for a “book” tour (introducing myself to the local bookstores with my new release) and snapped some shots.  Miami is the setting for my novels Jennifer’s Garden, Lust on the Rocks and the most recent release, Whisper Privileges so I thought it would be fun to share some pics today!

This house would be right at home in Jennifer Hamilton’s neighborhood of Coral Gables where most of the homes share this Mediterranean theme.

Ocean Drive is where Sam and Vic take their first romantic stroll on the beach after dinner…

And La Carreta is a restaurant in the area of Miami known as Little Havana, where many Cubans have settled and serve up their specialties, much like Sydney Flores shared with Clay.

Afterward, she dropped him off at his Coral Gables hotel (not far from Jennifer’s home).

This view is more than the Miami skyline, one of these high rises is where Sam calls home.

Jennifer, Sam and Sydney have driven along Old Cutler many times…

And admired the Poinciana trees in and around homes and parks —

— many found in and around Coconut Grove and the Coco Walk Plaza where Sydney and Clay dine together. 

All in all it was a fun walk back through time for me.  Originally from the area, a lot has changed but the essence remains the same.  If you’ve never been to the Miami area, be sure to hit some of these neighborhoods.  You won’t be sorry. 🙂

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