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Stealth mission needed…

I have to ‘fess up.  I love dogs and like cats, and am basically an animal lover in general.  Rarely will I pass up a chance to pet something furry, and baby-anythings just do me in completely. 

My old lady dog, Ruby…proof of my love…


I’ll refrain from posting a picture of what has become the bain of my existence lately.  🙂

Something…some sweet little something…is leaving presents on my front porch.  Every day.  Every single solitary day, I get a new smelly pile, not in the yard–not on the sidewalk–RIGHT smack in front of my front door.

People not thinking to look down as they leave by way of the front door, step right in it.  Even better, they step in it as they are walking IN, unaware of what just transpired.  I’m thinking, why on earth do these people smell so bad? 

My happiness runneth over.

And the thing is, I can’t figure it out!  I never hear it outside my door, I’m never there to catch it.  Old Lady Dog, Ruby, doesn’t hear or smell much anymore, so unless it’s the mailman invading the house by sliding paper things through the slot in the wall, thereby sending her into a viscious frenzy, she isn’t aware of it. 

My neighborhood does lend itself to strays, but this is a repeat offender.  This is no passing happenstance of a free-faring Fido.  My porch has a kind of railing around it, you have to walk around to enter it, and it dead ends there.  You have to then turn around to walk out.  Something is making the conscious choice to make the effort.

Why?  Because the large lush green front yard it has to stroll through to get to the hot hard concrete porch isn’t tweaking its little urges?

It’s taunting me.   I’ll keep you updated.  🙂

Ommmm… Ommmm…


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