Tightwads of the World, Unite!

I’m a total cheapskate about everything. It drives my family crazy, especially my kids who are at the age where suddenly labels matter. I won’t even go into the nightmare of shopping with my little lovelies.


While trying to come up with a blogging idea, I got the munchies (of course) and went to the pantry to grab a snack. These days, my favorite snack is Baked Cheddar Cheese Bits. Never heard of them? That’s because they’re a store brand. Whenever I’m at either of the two closest grocery stores, I always buy the store brand unless I have tried the product before and know I prefer the name brand.

Times are tough and you can save tons of money by buying a store brand as opposed to a name brand. Are they as good? Yes, in my experience, store brands are usually as good and sometimes even better. I’d take a store brand cheese bit over the name brand any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Cereal Anyone???

I have an old neighbor (they moved, they’re not old) who works for an unnamed food company (it has a name; I’m choosing not to mention it J). I like their products and do buy from them on a regular basis. Whenever he comes to our house (they are good friends and do visit), he always peeks his head inside my pantry to critique my purchases. I never have enough of his product, which constantly irritates him. Oh, well. We love him anyway.

There are certain things I won’t scrimp on and will buy the brand I know we like and enjoy. Strangely enough, the first thing that comes to mind in this category is dog food. I guess the husband and kids know where they stand on my priority list. Living in Atlanta, we have friends who work for Coke and friends who work for Pepsi. You’ve never seen brand loyalty like these folks, I can assure you.

So are you brand loyal or are you a cheapskate, too?


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  1. Christy … being a tighwad is the only way to shop. I worked for a major ad firm when I did office temp in NYC. So it should not be a surprise to you that all store brands are manufactured by the same companies as the brand products. Or that Sears washers were RCA Whirlpool for less money.

    Also … I recently learned a great stat for any “penny pincher” … in the US over THREE BILLION pennies are thrown away ever year. So don’t laugh at those nuts with metal detectors 🙂

    • I’d heard that, Florence, but wasn’t sure enough to put it in the post. We save all our coins in a big jar, mostly so I have a place to put them after I fish them out of the dryer!

  2. Christy,

    I too, fall on the cheap side of the scale. But there are some things I can’t get by my husband: Mustard (has to be French’s,) pickles (has to be Vlassic,) and hot dogs (can’t slip turkey dogs past him!)

    • Laura, I used to feed my kids the turkey dogs back when they were gray. As soon as they had a real one, they wouldn’t touch a turkey dog again. Thinking back, I can’t say that I blame them!

  3. Florence is right! A lot of the packaged foods we buy are made at the same plant and put into different boxes for each “brand”. Many of the store brand OJ’s are processed at the Minute Maid plant, for example.

    Our big thing this summer was ice cream. My husband can’t stand how the containers have become smaller, yet the price remains the same. After an exhausting search and taste testing–somebody had to do it–we discovered that Publix had the best deals. It’s prices are competitive and the packages contain more than any other packaged ice cream out there. And, their ice cream tastes great!

    Food prices are only going to get higher with this drought, so it’s a badge of honor to be a tightwad and shop wisely. Wear it with pride, Christy!

    • I like your ice cream research, Tracy! Maybe I’ll have to confirm your results at our house!

  4. We buy a mixture of generic and name brand items, mainly because my hubs, like Laura’s, is fussy about particular items and not others. Although recently, because of our hot weather, I had a craving for revels so I bought a no-name brand. Gag. We ate them, but didn’t enjoy them. So I tried the Chapman brand. Yummm. We don’t normally keep icecream in our house, so this was a real nice treat. 🙂

  5. In the great shopping mecca that is west-central Louisiana, our choices are limited. The Beast of Bentonville rules and has sharp managers, because quite often its store brands cost MORE than “name brands.” Sneaky rats.

  6. I’m a total tightwad–but I like to look! It’s gotten so bad, my nine year-old son now says when we walk into any women’s section of the department store, “Mom, why are we here? You’re not going to buy anything.” Then he grabs my hand and tries to direct me to the exit.

    And it’s true. Nine times out of ten, I talk myself out of buying most everything I see. It’s a curse to my possessive side and a blessing to my savings account. 🙂 Go Dave Ramsey!

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