Back To School…

This is a big year in our house.  The last of our little birds has started her senior year.   That pic up there is her first day of Kindergarten, and her first day of 12th grade. 

We went through this with my son five years ago, but this one is hitting me a little more nostalgically.  I think because the first time around I knew we still had one coming up through the ranks.  Now, everything is the “last time”.  🙂

We had the last start up pep rally last week.  This is her last marching season in the band for the football games.  She made the theater production troupe this year, so this will be the last of all that.

I remember graduating and thinking that those friends would be forever, so when she and her friends talk about the hook ups they will make on college breaks and when my daughter gets leave (she’s going into the Navy), I get a little sad.  I’ve seen some of these kids since Kindergarten, and I know how they will drift apart once they aren’t together every day.

This picture below was from her first grade class, where she made a new best friend, Kenzie.  My daughter is the one looking like she’s eating her purple Scooby Doo backpack.  Kenzie is on the left looking shy and sweet.

This is them a few weeks ago, as I took them on our annual girls day school clothes shopping spree for the very last time!

They are young women now.  About to go off into the big world after this last crazy year.  That’s amazing to me.

I think it’s going to be a roller coaster of a year!!

What are your back to school experiences like?


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  1. Thanks for sharing your memories, Sharla! We’ve been back to school for a few weeks now. While your daughter is finishing high school this year, my son is just beginning. And at a new school for both of them. He’s having a hard time adjusting to being the new kid, and I’m feeling his pain as I walk the halls during parent night and don’t recognize any familiar faces. These years will go by so quickly. I’m trying to enjoy each and every day with them! Hope your daughter enjoys her last year while looking forward to her bright future!

  2. Aah, Sharla. The last times. 🙂 My #2 son is in his last semester of college. And you know, I’m ready for him to move into a new life adventure. I love how your daughter is joining the Navy. That is one cool adventure. Yet, a tad painful too.

    I’ve found my boys link up with old friends all the time. Social media at its best.

    I’m raising my diet Coke and saying, “Here’s to the new times.”

  3. Senior year and your daughter looks so happy and full of life and adventures to come–a testimate to your parenting and a home full of love and life.

  4. Sharla, I agree, it is harder with the last child. Every event is really the “last time”. But, it only means there will be so many new adventures in your daughter’s–and your–future. 🙂 Savor these times. Take lots pictures, journal the memories. Most of all, ENJOY!!!

  5. Son number two starts his senior year tomorrow, and the girl has one more year of middle school, so the nest isn’t empty yet. But I can now imagine it! Tell your girl, I think her haircut looks terrific. She’s adorable, and looks like her mom. I hope she’s okay with that, too.

  6. Oh my … it has been a very long time since I sent my “baby” off for her first day of school. Sharla, as I have told Patti… enjoy each moment because they are fleeting … gone in a wink are those chubby faces at first grade … vanished into the night are the first adolescent angst … and soon they will be bringing babies instead of enw boyfriends to your front door.

    My twin boy/girl grandchildren turn fifteen today and I think of my son and his wife and how in three short years they will face a new beginning with their family. Now of course, since I was a child bride … I could very well be a great-grandmother in another wink … Yikes 🙂

  7. No back to school week for me, but I still feel the pleasure/pain of those years. How much we want them to live their lives and how much we wish they would still crawl onto our lap to exchange hugs. Your daughter is beautiful, Sharla. Enjoy her last year of high school.

  8. Your daughter looks a lot like her momma! Enjoy the year, Sharla . . . then empty nest. But it only lasts a month or two, and you’ll be LOVING life – trust me!

  9. I’m at the other end of the schooling spectrum. My two girls are in first grade and preschool this year. Just last night we had a meet and greet event for my older daughter to meet her new teacher, and get ready for her first year of all-day school.

    I’m kind of sad, just because I feel like they’re growing so fast, and I wish I could keep them young forever. It’s exciting to see them continue to grow and become more independent, but tough to feel those bonds stretch a little more each year, to the point that will come when they are ready, like yours, to spread their wings and fly.

    Congrats on your last year of kids in high school, and hang on tight!

  10. Back to school means back to writing full-time — woohoo! But my kids are never very far, since I’m virtual fixture at their school, volunteering or contributing in some form or another. Poor kids — they can’t get away from me!

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