A Week in the Life of a Writer (Spoiler Alert: It’s Boring)

Okay, crazy week.  I’ve been writing 3,000 words a day and completely drew a blank about what to write for my blog entry.  My brain is fried!  I don’t even remember what I did this week.

I think I went to book club on Monday night.  It seems so long ago.  This month we read a fabulous suspense novel, Criminal, by Karin Slaughter.  The book takes place right here in Atlanta, flashing back between the mid-1970’s—a pivotal time in our city’s history—and the current day.  It was a great read.  Bad news, though:  it’s the seventh book in a series and now I am dying to read the six volumes that precede it.  Alas, no time.  I’ll just have to cram them all in between finishing the two books I am contracted to write.  Next month, it’s Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn.  Anybody read it?  I hear it’s fantastic.

Tuesday was 9/11.  A somber day at our house because we all remember that day vividly since we were living in Washington, D.C. at the time.   It was also my dog’s twelfth birthday.  She’s by favorite member of the family right now.  That should tell you how this week has been.

Wednesday was ladies night—yea!  I don’t usually head out to bars mid-week—or the weekends for that matter—but it was my friend’s birthday and they are all regulars at a local, up-scale watering hole.  Attention all you writers with writer’s block:  bars are great places to get the words flowing again.  And you don’t even need to drink!  At least two story ideas dropped in my lap just by watching the antics of the customers.  Really, the bartender alone might be able to carry off an entire trilogy. 😉

Thursday was chiropractor day.  Not for me.  For Curious George.  My daughter’s pony.  Yep, I’m an idiot.  I pay for the horse to receive chiropractor treatments. Pretty sad considering my back is killing me from sitting in this chair seven hours a day for the past two weeks.  But, the whole process was fascinating to watch.  And when it was over, my pony—oops, I mean my daughter’s pony—gave me a really nice snuggle.  He then proceeded to drool carrot slime down my favorite shirt.

And now, it’s Friday.  The word count will be lower today. It’s a football night after all.  I’m not sure who the Titans are taking on this week, but the band and I will be cheering loudly.  And, that’ll be just the warm-up for college games on Saturday and the NFL on Sunday.

Next week, I start all over again.  I’ll try to do better and come up with a blog idea next time.  For now, enjoy some football!  GO VOLS!!!


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  1. Busy week. Gone Girl is a great read. I couldn’t put it down. Neither could my husband. Not our usual fare, but still a super book.

    Horse drool sounds expensive…. Characters are everywhere. I can’t wait to read the new TKS novels so enjoy your weekend off and get back to the grind on Monday.

  2. Laura, EVERYTHING about horses is expensive! If your daughter mentions that she wants one, buy her Breyer horse and stand firm. 🙂

  3. If this is your life being boring, mine is positively comatose! I’m envious of your word count.

    I need somebody to remind me I’ve already graduated from the 9th grade and that worrying about my kids 24/7 doesn’t change their attitude one bit. Here’s to the weekend and two days off!

  4. I deliberately didn’t add all the drama about being the mom of a 9th grader. I didn’t want to make it depressing, too! 🙂 We will survive and so will they. Wine and chocolate, girlfriend. And football, too.

  5. Tracy, my brother-in-law adjusts racing horses. The first time I heard about it, I thought it was so cool. I still think it’s a cool thing to do and from the sounds of your pony, they must love being adjusted as much as us humans do. 🙂

    Kudos on the 3000 words/day. Enjoy the football game and have a great weekend!

    • Sheila, in my next life, I might take up horse chiropractic services. You get to play and love on the horse without having to stick your hands where you don’t want to!!!

  6. Tracey, I might pass you on the street and say, “Hey, got a light?” Just to watch you juggle all the balls you have up in the air 🙂 Great progress your work … hope your team scores big !!

    • Florence,I know you were where I am at one time–juggling kids, their crazy lives and work. And you’ve survived it all while still managing to hold on to your sanity. My inspiration. 🙂

  7. Definitely envious of the word count. Mine’s been off due to garden duty!!!

  8. Oh girl, I know I’m late to this party, but I’m just like you right now…not knowing if I’m coming or going or what day it is…but I popped over here just to see if it’s my WEEK tomorrow (that tells you my state of mind) and ended up reading your post and sitting here with the giggles. I feel your pain, my friend! Hang in there. The fog will part eventually. Now….back to revisions….

  9. And now I just found out that my WEEK was last week. Oh….*hangs head in shame*

    Sorry ladies. I had a guest Claire Cook last week and I guess it threw me off kilter.

    I need an assistant!! LOL! Or a clone. Or a maid. Or just a nap.

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