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What the Heck am I Doing???

Today we replaced a tree in our front yard. Actually, we hired someone to dig up an overgrown bush and in its place plant a tree. The bush came with the house when we bought it over ten years ago. It was small, easy to manage, and attractive. As the years flew by, the bush became bigger and bigger and we suddenly realized we needed to do some work on the bush. Brilliantly, we got out our clippers and pruned the out-of-control bush into a topiary bush. Although I don’t have a picture to share, please take my word for it. The bush was lovely.

But it didn’t stay that way!

The bush continued to grow higher and higher and wider and wider. Most annoying of all, little offshoots of the bush kept growing and surfacing all around the base of the bush. Every time I pulled into the driveway, I cursed at the way it continued to grow and disobey me with its growth. What had started as a nice, small, easily managed bush had turned into the bane of my existence.

Am I being over dramatic? Obviously, yes. I did hate the bush and I’m very happy it’s gone. I do have a picture of the new tree. Isn’t it pretty?

For those of you whom I haven’t lost with my rambling nonsense about a bush, I do have a point to make. The bush that I (or my landscapers) ripped out of the ground and tossed away like yesterday’s garbage is synonymous with my children. They are growing and growing and growing! I’m amazed when I look at my son behind the wheel (gasp!) and see all the spots where he’s missed while shaving (double gasp!). I looked over my shoulder today at my daughter in the back seat of my car and was stunned at how grown up she looked.

With the wonderful changes going on with their growth, comes changes in their behavior. Unlike the out-of-control bush, I can no longer clip away at the overgrown parts of my children. That worked when they were smaller, back when “because I told you so” ended all discussion. Now it seems as if what my husband and I want for our children ins’t always what they want for themselves. Our happy home isn’t quite as happy as it used to be.

I can’t throw them out with yesterday’s garbage, so I’m looking at my growing children wondering what the heck I’m going to do. As I’ve confessed many times to my kids, they didn’t come with an instruction manual. The words, “Your dad and I are totally winging it here,” have actually come out of my mouth. Honesty, what I’d like to say is, “Your father and I met over a keg of beer. Do you really think we’re qualified to be parents???”

I don’t want new children, of course. I just want some peace. The past two weeks have been fraught with anxiety and I’m exhausted. I think we’ve reached a compromise with the eldest that may ease some of the pressure, but I have a feeling it is only temporary.

Well-meaning people warned us about the teenage years and yet we never thought they’d be this hard. Those of you on the other side of this divide are chuckling and nodding and wishing us well. I know we’ll get there, to that parenting oasis I’ve heard exists, but right now can’t imagine. So if you happen to be around metro Atlanta and you see a woman who’s eyes are unfocused, who can’t form an intelligent thought, looks slightly disheveled, and is too old to be the sleep-deprived mother of a newborn, that’s just me. Weeding through life one day at a time.

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