Has It Really Been Twenty-One Years?

Twenty-one years ago on October 19, 1991, James and I were married in Oakland. This month has three other unforgettable events that happened in California.

On October 17, 1989, the Loma Prieta earthquake (the World Series earthquake) hit Northern California, collapsing part of the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge, killing 63 people, injuring 3,757 others, and leaving 3,000-12,000 people homeless.

On the same day as our wedding the famous fire in the Oakland hills started, killing 25 people, injuring 150 others, and destroying 3,354 single-family dwellings and 437 apartments and condos.

Another extraordinary October event (not for Californians but for our family) happened on October 21, 1998, when our daughter Allessandra was born and we took her home within hours and adopted her.

Wow! Β I just had to share.

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  1. Wow! Congratulations on your 21. And many more. The baby pix is adorable. oxox

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, Patti!!! Your daughter is one lucky woman.:)

  3. I remember seeing on the news the devastating pictures of the earthquake and fires. The birth of your daughter in the same month (even if it’s not the same year) reminds us that life carries on and that the human race is designed to survive and overcome the hardships that we may also have to face.

    Happy birthday to your daughter and happy anniversary to you and your husband, Patti. Our wedding anniversary is next week, so we “almost” got married at the same time. πŸ™‚

    • I know what you mean, Sheila. I look at the brand new Bay Bridge that they’ve almost completed to replace the old one and think how the old one will be a distant memory for those of us who experienced that quake. And I think most of the homes are rebuilt in the Oakland hills. Life does indeed go on.
      Happy Early Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary, Patti. Isn’t it a wonder how the best of times and the worst of times (circa Dickens) can happen at the same time? That pic of your daughter is adorable. Enjoy this time with your James πŸ™‚

  5. Patti – We lived in Monterey when the earthquake struck and of course knew things would never be the same. Happy Anniversary and oh the joy a baby brings to a family that wants one so much they’ll go through the many trials required to adopt one.

    • Yes, I recall that earthquake day and James’ mother and sister were at that World Series game at Candlestick Park! It must have been so weird. A lamp fell over in our house in Alameda which was no big thing at all, but James had to stay most of the evening on the other side of the bay due to traffic. He said people on the street invited him to a bbq! Good neighbor behavior does still exist.

  6. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary to you both. Your daughter was a real cutie. πŸ™‚

  7. What a great family. something that’s keeps us all going in times of challenge.

  8. i remember your wedding day and we could see beginnings of the fire from the deck of the hall. but most of all, i remember how beautiful a couple you were and still are now. when it comes to lessie, we loved her from the day you brought her home. she’s a lucky girl to have such great parents. love you jimmy .d and patrot!

  9. Congrats on the anniversary and the daughter. We’ve got an October birthday too. I can’t believe our son was born 45 years ago, Oct. 4. Were did the years go?

    I remember Loma Prieta well. Our younger daughter and I had just started out for a ride on our horses when it hit. Didn’t know if it was an earthquake or an explosion, but it was weird to see the hills move up and down.

  10. Congratulations Patti! My husband and I celebrated our 21st this year also. I remember the World Series quake. I was watching the game and I couldn’t believe it was happening at the time. Crazy!

    Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter, too. πŸ™‚

  11. Patti, we were in southwest San Jose, near Almaden Quicksilver Park. First, we heard what sounded like a big wind blasting through the orchard and rattling an abandoned bus, then the horses spun for home. I held mine and my daughter’s tried to crawl up my mare’s butt instead of bolting. We were in a small valley and could literally see the hills move up and down. Then the wind roared back the other direction and a siren went off in the distance. That made me wonder if there had been an explosion. Because we were on the horses we didn’t feel the ground move. We didn’t know it was an earthquake until we got back to the stable. Quite an experience.

    • Wow, Kate, that sounds worse than anything we experienced here in Alameda. I mean, a lamp falling over was the biggest deal in the house where I was living at the time. I bet it freaked the horses out, as well as you and your daughter. How weird and scary.

  12. Congrats on your anniversary! I remember the earthquake and the fire and wondering why anyone would live in California. I’ve since visited your beautiful state and understand why. Your daughter is precious!

    • It’s funny because I know we say similar things about other states like, “why would anyone live where it’s so hot in the summer?” or “why would you live in the middle of twister land?” You know what I mean? But every state has beautiful things to offer those who live there and you just decide to deal with them or you move somewhere else. There are certainly many choices to make with fifty states!

      • That is so true! People may wonder why I’d live in the northeast, with the traffic, the cold winters and threat of nor’easters and hurricanes. But there are so many wonderfu aspects to Long Island, too.

        • Oh, Jolyse, how cool that you also have an adopted child. We didn’t have to go that far – two hours from our home. We missed Allessandra’s birth, however, because I had to wait for James to get off work and then the drive…. So, we missed the actual birth although Kim didn’t want us in the room anyway, so. But James got to give her her first bottle.

  13. What a coincidence, Patti. My 21st anniversary is the 26th of October. It’s funny. No matter how different we are, we each have something in common.

  14. Donna Coe-Velleman

    Happy anniversary to you and happy birthday to Allessandra.

    I remember that earthquake- incredible. Wasn’t some man/woman rescued about a week later from the lower deck of the bridge?

  15. Congrats on your wedding anniversary and thanks for sharing your beautiful memories of your daughter’s adoption, Patti. I’ll always treasue the day we brought our son home, all the way from AZ. πŸ™‚

  16. Congrats on all counts Patricia! Would love to see a pic of your daughter now. I’ll bet she is beautiful.

  17. Congrats on your anniversary and may you have many more! I think it’s interesting that your triumphs are linked to the memory of a tragedy, that your good memories dilute the bad. I think that’s a natural tendency that comes through in our writing and, thankfully, comes through in our lives.

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