Kim Boykin and The Wisdom Of Hair

Hey y’all, guess this is my introductory blog entry, so here goes. My name is Kim Boykin, and I’ve been writing down stories since I could hold a fat number 2 pencil in my hand. But my own fairytale began almost two years ago in New York City.

At 53, after helping my husband and my kids chase their dreams, I went to a writer’s conference and pitched my novel to four editors. A few months later, one of those editors, Leis Pederson, of Berkley Books/Penguin made my dreams come true and bought my debut novel, THE WISDOM OF HAIR (publication date 3/5/13.)

Including the amazing authors at Women Unplugged, I’ve met so many wonderful people on this writing journey. My agent, Kevan Lyon, is at the top of that list and I am so grateful that she picked me as a client. Leis Pederson, of course. It goes without saying I also owe a lot to my parents, who are normal and wonderful, which really sucks if you’re a writer. For some reason the world thinks if you come from crazy town, you’re much more interesting.

Lastly, I’ve been married to the same sweet man for thirty years. He doesn’t really get this whole women’s fiction thing, but he cheers me on  every chance he gets and is happy I’m living my dream.

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  1. Welcome, Kim! It’s crazy how we have had similar journeys to get where we are. It’s kind of nice to have a new career after 50, huh? I am so looking forward to reading your book. And, I’m the only other one on the site who knows what you’re saying when you shout “Go Cocks!” Although, I’m duty bound to cheer for the team in orange this weekend. 😉

  2. An exciting story of success! Glad to be in such good company, Kim.

  3. Welcome to the Women Unplugged, Kim. It’s so great to have you here! And congratulations on your upcoming book!

  4. Welcome to Women Unplugged, Kim! We are so thrilled to have you! Congrats on helping your family achieve their dreams and showing them it’s never too late to go after what you want. What a wonderful example you are to your family and to all writers! Can’t wait to continue this journey with you.

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