Fall Favorites

So I’m a Miami girl with a hankering for fall.  From the colors to the foliage, apple cider to pumpkin pie–I LOVE this season.  Not sure how or why, but I do! 

And in our house, fall means the beginning of comfort food season.  Last night we went with an old Italian favorite, chicken Marsala and mashed potatoes.  Tonight it will be butternut squash and broccoli rabe lasagna.  Hmmm…  Sounds good, doesn’t it?  I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out. 🙂

I’m hungry already!!  So today I’ve decided to share the recipe with you all.  It’s not the healthiest item on the menu, but it is savory and oh-so-delicious, not to mention one of my husband’s favorites!  Check our recipe section for details.  Now fess up: what’s YOUR favorite fall recipe?

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  1. What time’s dinner??? I love chicken marsala. One of my favorite fall recipes is stuffed flank steak with garlic mashed potatoes. I’ll put the recipe up later today!

  2. Pan seared pork tenderloin medallions with granny smith apples smothered in a caper mustard sauce YUM! And the common thread to all comfort food–mashed potatoes.

    BTW when we lived in Tampa, it blew my daughter’s mind that oak leaves fell off the tree in the spring. She used her preschool education to argue that spring was really fall. It was a precursor to her always being right.

    • I love her ingenuity! I notice our leaves don’t fall until January and next thng you know — March pops up and we can plant again!

  3. I love the picture of the beautiful tree. The trees here are just starting to change colors and dropping their leaves in big piles on the sidewalks. I love riding my bicycle through them, listening to the crunchy sound.

  4. I so wish we had seasons here in Florida….

  5. Autumn is my all-time favorite time of year! So gorgeous! A family fall favorite (though I make it year-round, I admit) is pumpkin-ginger bread. Always moist and always delicious. Gone in minutes!

  6. Yum! Be right over. ;D

  7. Linda that sounds delish! Save me a place next to Kimberle! As an aside, I made a butternut/broccoli rabe lasagna (recipe I found on Bon Apetit) but the family said it was a no-repeat. The greens were too bitter and my husband wasn’t “comforted.” Left the table starving in search of the blue box (Mac and cheese). Oh well. Better luck with my next experiment!

  8. Thanks for the recipe, Dianne. My favorites in fall include soups and stews.

  9. Too late, we have snow here, so even though the calendar doesn’t say so, it’s officially winter. My recipes are the same year round. My family is just lucky I feed them. However, I’m going to try your recipe, Dianne. It sounds fantastic!

  10. That chicken Marsala sounds excellent! And I’m ready for a big crockpot of chili. I love fall, too.

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